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Author Topic: Does anyone know what the idea of this scam is?  (Read 688 times)

Offline Jacob

The following post split from main SCAM thread as separate issue.

Hi.  Does anyone know what the idea of this scam is?  I followed through on the page 'topslutdee' (already removed from the site today) after they replied to my email.  They asked me to add them to messenger.  I did so on a newly formed email address and a conversation started up about which girl I wanted. i was emailed pics of various girls and then asked to help the 'madame' out with a problem she has had retrieving pics of a new girl in her stable - she just couldnt get logged into the new girl's email to get the pictures she was promised!  I was given a hotmail address and password and asked to try and log in and send any pics I found there to the madame.

I declined.  Meanwhile we proceeded to arrange an outcall with a very sexy girl at £50 an hour (!) (£150 overnight was available!).  When I refused to log into the email address, things went silent.  I was expecting them to ask me for a Paypal deposit, but they never took it in that direction.  They never asked my address for this outcall I'm supposed to be enjoying tomorrow night, how ever will she find me!

Scam?  Or can I expect this girl to somehow deduce my address and turn up for sex tomorrow!?

Offline Steve2

something close but nothing has  progressed as yet

"MeemeeeMemeee" asked me to add her to messenger out of the blue yesterday but all quiet since excepy 1 "Hi"

Will wait and see

Offline Jacob

Gone at 1913.

It was already gone, I just posted the picture as a visual aid. It may have appeared before and may do so again. It also suggests the profile has been suspended.

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