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Author Topic: Britney Loves it  (Read 1432 times)

Offline xxxx

I would have expected her to be £200 an hour looking that hot
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Anyone info one this one guys? Looks great.
https://www.adultwork.com/2860625 or https://www.adultwork.com/Britney+loves+it
The feedback looks genuine, otherwise I would say she would fit in to the 'Too Good To be True' category.
I'll be very interested to see if anyone can say the pictures and service are real.
Maybe you should go and see her and report back!  :drinks:

Offline smithie1000

There are a few of them like that about at the moment.  I travelled over to Handsworth wood as she looked like that, should have walked but long way and wanted one.  She came into the room with baggy bottoms on, hair in a mess and looked moody, it was her but half a pretty as the pic's.  Put me off good looking one's unless recommended.    Took me ages to come serves her right.  Sometimes it is too good to be true.  She must have moved on with some of the others and I did not save the AW ad.
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I would have expected her to be £200 an hour looking that hot
Do not go and see her and give her ideas

Offline xxxx

Have sent her an e-mail & she does e-mail you back with her address but no phone number. But i've got her email saved. She is based in central Birmingham bottom left (within the inner ring road) not far from 5ways.
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Offline xxxx

I've got her phone number now - she's added it to her profile
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Offline pianodave

Looks genuine to me, I'll see her when I get time if possible.

Tried to book for today but couldn't find a suitable time. Coms are pretty easy. Will report if I get to see her next time.

Offline Trevor12

Be cautious.

I can't trace her feeback to be genuine.

1 of her pics is found here, around 2/3 of the way down http://cartonespoliticos.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/pacto-telarana-de-intereses.html

Offline Dodo

Now that's impressive! How the fuck did you find that pic?.......it took me ages to get down the page and you showed me where to look. Seeing as your so smart Trev, would you care to translate the jokes  :D
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Offline smithie1000

Somebody got lots of time on their hands LOL
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Offline Topgun

She is legit as per the photos that are now on her profile, that have always been on there.
She had threatening issues with her ex boyfriend outing her real identity to her friends/family.

She's very pretty but I wouldn't  quite class her as a stunning playboy model... which would allow her to have £200 hourly escort rates. Generally-normal fit body, her tits are fake that look okay - can't squeeze them much as it hurts her.
No DFK at all, just light kissing on the lips.
I wouldn't put her in my short list of favourite escorts of all time, but I suppose she's worth £140 for the hour.

OWO, she does swallow for extra £20 but you can tell she doesn't like it.

I've seen her twice. Last time she opened the door dressed in a sexy fishnet mini dress, bra, thong and stripper platform heels all in white... she did look extremely sexy from head to toe.

The apartment she uses is rather high class compared to most escorts apartments I've been to, very modern and clean, low-light soft mood lighting around the bed, a mirrored panel next to the bed and mirrored wardrobes at the end of the bed.

Deffo worth a punt, but I wouldn't make it a regular thing... like most girls.
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