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Author Topic: Cute Samantha  (Read 2977 times)

10 review(s) for cute samantha (8 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Bluefin


Saw Samantha recently, no answer when I phoned but got straight back to me by text to arrange meet.
Flat just off Gorgie Rd with no problem parking, but this was during the day I imagine it would be a problem at night or especially if there was a match on at Murrayfield or Tynecastle.

Was greeted by Sam who is a tall, slim, attractive girl, wearing skimpy dress, and shown into bedroom where got the paperwork done, £120 for the hr GFE inc OWO.

Got undressed while Sam got me a drink, and came back through wearing skimpy black underwear and silky top.
I tried to strike up a conversation with her but she was not very forthcoming, so got onto the bed face down for a massage, I opted for no oil as I was worried about not getting it all off. She does have lovely soft and warm hands and was teasing my cock as she massaged me.
After about 10 mins I lay on my side and got Sam on her back and started kissing, it was not a deep sloppy kiss which I like but it was ok.
Seeing her lying there with her fanny bulge through her black knickers was such a turn on for me and was giving it a rub over her pants, then put my hands inside and inserted a finger.
Then it was off with the pants and top and onto our sides where I got OWO while I was kissing her pussy, which was very fresh and had no hesitation about putting my tongue in.
She then put a condom on me and I lay on top fucking her in missionary, I had her wrists held down above her head quite tightly and the image of me going inside her, between her long legs with her arms above her head is one that is etched in my brain.
It was then off with the condom and me on my back getting an oily hand job from Sam with my fingers inside her until I came, this was 50 mins into my hr.
Despite being 47 I am not an experienced punter and was a bit wary about using the shower as I read on here somewhere about the 6 punters before you flossing their cracks with the towels, however it was not like that at all with a pile of nice fluffy white towels above the cupboard. A word of warning though, the radiator is red hot as my backside found out while I was bending over to dry myself!

Overall I think Sam was good VFM, was obliging and did everything that I asked from her although not one for the lovers of big tits!

10 review(s) found for cute samantha linked to in above post (8 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Greedo

Nice review, have had her on my HL for a while now but never actually done anything about arranging a meet yet.....might need to move her higher up the next to see list soon

Offline sammy222

Very accurate review, in line with my experiences though her towels could be bigger!
She makes a big effort, is pretty, sexy body and does all the things that Romanians don't, Dfk, owo and fingering, and her massage is a treat in itself.
She's away shortly  Greedo so you'll need to wait til April, but go for it.

Offline Marmalade

Samantha ½hr 70 + 20 for OWO
probably older than her stated age but without eating cornflakes off her bottom I'd say she has a very nice body. Massage ok, quite nice. Flat scruffy side street in Tynecastle area (they don't spend much on street-lighting here!) Comms very polite, but by the time I finally got directions I was in the wrong bit of Tynecastle. Got to the stair (after several texts) and still had to hang about to get the flat number. All in all ten minutes late. After I'd undressed and she'd powdered her fanny and brought me a glass of water, fifteen minutes late. I'm thinking, I'll not quibble over 5 minutes but any more and she'll here about it. Half way through, I said we still had plenty of time and she said not much. I said 15 minutes, she said 10, and ok I let it go, as I've said, but it hardly counts as "not a clockwatcher."
   Room pleasant enough, lots of scented candles and a big bed. She can get by with her English (Polish as she is). I felt she had sfa to talk about rather than not the English. Heavy rock softly in the background (strange choice, I thought, but no problem with it.) For 70 it was not bad, but at 90 for a half hour inc OWO (I wanted to see what she had, which is why I went for that), 90 quid is too much. Only a really top notch girl has the cheek to charge that much and Sam seems quite a nice person and provides an ok service but not quite in that league. (The OWO was not bad, but I found it hard not to think of it as 20 quid and wondering how much service I was getting for that. Too many numbers on a price chart are off-putting.)
        If I was doing a new review she would maybe just scrape a positive but I notice she put her prices up since getting positive reviews on here.

Offline Happy99

Would have to give Sam a negative now. Her clock-watching is just getting ridiculous.

If you ring the entry buzzer 1 minute before appointed time she wont answer, she will only let you in after exact time. You are then on a stop watch the moment you enter the stair. 4 flights of stairs to get up, so that is coming off your time.

She always offers a shower or drink, but beware because that is coming off your time too.

If you choose full service, she still always offers a massage, again its essentially a time wasting device as the massage is very slow, monotonous and just goes over the same bit of back over and over, if you dont move this on she would just let the clock tick down.

She states on profile french kissing, but its really now only closed mouth lip kissing. Her service is very vanilla and slow moving with uncomfortable 10min warning from the end.

She very much goes through same routine from moment walk through the door to moment leave, there is no flicker of acknowledgement of having even visited before.

On 30min booking essentially you are only getting 15-20mins of action. If you fall into the time-wasting traps you get even less. Definitely becoming jaded.

Online asif

innit33, Thanks for the updated review, I had her in my hot list for a long time and was planning going to see her yesterday but something came up.

Won't bother now.

Offline Marmalade

Clearly she's turning into a cunt.

Offline sammy222

She's away home  for 2months now, saw her last week, got an extra 15 minutes from a one hour booking foc, and service pretty good. So not sure she's suddenly become a negative, but will see if she returns from Poland or just vanishes.

Offline Happy99

She's away home  for 2months now, saw her last week, got an extra 15 minutes from a one hour booking foc, and service pretty good. So not sure she's suddenly become a negative, but will see if she returns from Poland or just vanishes.

extra 15mins of action or extra 15mins to have shower/chat/put shoes on?

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