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Author Topic: Shemale escorts Glasgow/Edinburgh  (Read 20887 times)

Offline Firebird

Word of advice, make sure you read a T-girl's profile carefully, it should by rights state if the escort is a transsexual or a transvestite, remember there is a difference, a TS is someone who has undergone various surgeries and is now living as a woman whereas a TV is a man dressing as a woman.

I've heard good things about Nikki but she's not my type of T girl, Byanka Kenzo looks sexy as fuck though, maybe worth a punt.

Offline J_H

Are they fuck.  That's racist.

Check out the she-baws on this Glasgow beauty, and tell me she you she couldn't make your cock and arse explode?

Do you know the name of that one?

Offline Firebird

I've never seen her hippy but remember, that's a transvestite not a transsexual.

Offline Hippy75

Thanks Firebird I do know that i am going by ratings. Most of the transsexual apart from Nikki and she won't see first timers have 0 as the rating that does worry me a bit.

Offline Firebird

A lot of it has to do with guys being too embarrassed to give feedback because they don't want other people on AW to know that they've been with a tranny.

Offline Hippy75

Yeah i know where you are coming from Firebird. But for a transvestite she looks hot and i am going arrange a meeting fingers crossed it all goes well

Let us know how it goes mate. don't spare any details ;)  :P

Offline RandyF

Let us know how it goes mate. don't spare any details ;)  :P

For real, I always welcome the detailed sheman reports.
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