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Author Topic: Sweet as Candii / Leeds indi  (Read 5150 times)

33 review(s) for Sweet.Candice (33 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

An away day had me going within 20 miles of Leeds and i've previously searched AW for West Yorkshire and thought there is quite a bit of top notch talent in Leeds, not cheap but looks quality so I thought I would treat myself.

I had e-mailed her a few days before to check availability and she replied saying the date and time was fine and giving her postcode so after checking the location on Google maps I put through a booking.
She read the booking but didn't confirm or reply to my other e-mail so as I wasn't totally sure if the meet was still on therefore I decided to call her on the morning. She did say that she had another booking for the same time but he hadn't confirmed so it was mine, not sure if she often double books but perhaps worth having a plan B.

Anyway the sat nav took me straight to the venue, I wouldn't class it as central Leeds but a bit outside which is better in my opinion than city centre and probably 5-10 min walk from the train station. Area looked clean; modern and safe but parking was a bit lacking in the middle of the afternoon, i actually parked in a works car park as there was no attendant but was risking getting a fine if caught.
Called on arrival and she said she needed 5 minutes to get ready (I was a few minutes early) but would text me her apartment number, entry is via a keypad and the doors opened as soon as I buzzed her, there is a security guard desk but nobody there when I came in however if you just walk straight past then the lift is right there.
Out of the lift and found the room easily, gently knocked on the door which opened within a few seconds and I was inside, I had asked for a specific outfit but she had pre warned me that she didn't have it with her however she had managed to stretch a short blue latex dress on with stockings and some heels which looked great.
As soon as I was in the room she grabbed me and started full on snogging me, not just kissing I mean proper passionate kissing that you would only expect to get from your GF when she was randy as hell in the first year of a relationship and I have to say in 12 years of punting this is the best kissing I've probably ever had from a WG.
While the kissing was great I was also desperate for a piss having been sat in the car for a couple of hours so had to break off and visit the boys room at which point I suddenly remembered how hard it is to go even when you only have a semi.
Out of the loo and back to more kissing before being led to the sofa and she started the lapdance that i'd requested, no need to ask if touching was allowed as she took my hands and put them on herself, the lapdance was a good one and her profile says she used to do this however many girls just don't deliver on this.
By now her g-string was off and her dress pulled up to expose a lovely shaved pussy, she sat on a table opened her legs and started to play with herself, I got the feeling that she enjoyed exposing herself and showing her body off.
Back onto the sofa and she asked me to undress, by now I was hard and she started giving me a fantastic BJ which was swapped with a bit more lapdancing and kissing then more oral.
Eventually we went to the bedroom, she lay down next to me and started kissing again like a proper GF while i rubbed her pussy and she wanked me hard again. On with the condom so I was ready but first I had to get my head between her legs and give her a good licking, I rarely go down on a girl but she was 100% clean and I stayed down there for longer than normal as she seemed to be enjoying it and her legs were trembling a bit.
Eventually moved onto sex starting in mish then with legs over her shoulders before doggy and prone bone, all the time i'm having to stop myself from shooting, more kissing during sex and when I couldn't resist anymore I turned her head to one side and started kissing her again while I put in a few good last thrusts and shot into the bag.
I was expecting to be ushered straight out the door but she lay on the bed and chatted for a while, not sure what the time was and I don't think we ran over by more than a few minutes but it ended up being me reaching for my clothes as I had somewhere else that i needed to be.
Some more full on kissing as I was stood by the door about to leave was a really nice touch and suggests to me that she likes to give a good service rather than kicking you out when the act is over and she has your money.

In summary -
Apartment is fine and area is safe but arrive early to make sure you get parked and aren't rushing to make the appointment.
Good looking girl with a fit as fuck gym toned body, no fat on this girl that I could find she really takes pride in her appearance, quite a bit of body art but I like that.
Service was delivered well and she appears to be comfortable with what she does, full on GFE kissing is the best I've had.     
Probably worth confirming the booking on the day or having a plan B in case she has double booked.
At £100 for 30 minutes she is one of the most expensive girls I've seen but the OWO and lapdance were included and often they are an extra £10 each and the passionate kissing made the price worth it in my opinion.
I'd probably class Candii as a "luxury" punt but would see her again if I was around the Leeds area.

https://www.adultwork.com/1159421 or https://www.adultwork.com/SweetAsCandii

33 review(s) found for Sweet.Candice linked to in above post (33 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline costa

parking can be hard during the day I always park in the local shopping centre and walk across to the apartment (5 minutes) ... another great review would agree expensive but shes probably one off the top British girls in Leeds .

Offline KingKenny7

@Costa....Do you park in Crown Point Retail Park? If so, be very careful as heaps of people get ticketed as they watch if you leave the site...

Offline costa

kenny must have been lucky ? Might be because I go in a couple off shops first and have a coffee , don't think I've every parked and walked stright out - or can't say I've seen any parking wardens but will be careful from now on . Thanks

Offline cueball

Great review blackpool, one for the list, if ever in Leeds.

Offline KingKenny7

@Costa... I did the same but was caught on CCTV leaving the site...Only left for 10 minutes (not punt related).... then a few weeks later got a letter through the post notifying me of the fine....

Offline costa

@Costa... I did the same but was caught on CCTV leaving the site...Only left for 10 minutes (not punt related).... then a few weeks later got a letter through the post notifying me of the fine....

like I say must have just been lucky , always park in there down near subway and use the public toilet , it must be that why ive been missed on cctv ?, but ill carry on . I often park in there and walk into leeds for a bit off exercise

There was a massive car park in the middle when I saw her a couple of weeks ago. £4 to park more than a hour though. She's worth every penny by the way, if you want to treat yourself she's your girl.

Offline costa

Yeah I'd kind off agree she's possibly just worth the fee I mean she put a shift for you , but the london rates no way that's too much for me and there's so much choice down there.

Offline bod666

She's the hottest independent english girl you'll find in Leeds hence the premium price. Of course there are plenty of equally as hot cheaper Polish girls in Leeds so it all depends what you want.

Offline costa

Yes would go with that ; from my limited experience. but she's right at the top off what I'm prepared to pay . I agree that there are equally good looking foreign girls and to be honest soon months I sooner see them and keep the £50 in my pocket . But what I always say a lot are escort pretty but no way are they real world pretty for example my office is like a cat walk not that i stand a chance and I soppose that's the point/ or the problem .

Offline bod666

An interesting point about escort pretty vs. real world pretty. I gotta say that some of the escorts i've seen (Candii or Gabi for example) look just as good if not better wearing clothes which i think is what i would count real world pretty. The type that would turn your head if you saw them in the street.

I have a few pretty girls in my office but there's only one that could charge £150 an hour ;)

Costa what's the difference between real world and escort pretty to you? My favourite escorts are pretty without make up which in my book defines real world pretty

Offline costa

I'd agree with the make up or lack off it that really shows them in a true light - rude Ruby for example wears very little and isn't bad looking but I bet she'd look better with make up. Tiff for example looks better at the end off a booking when all the slap has wore or smudged off and you can see how pretty she really is .

I honestly believe some reviews are way over done in the looks department for what ever reason I'm not sure

Offline bod666

Agree with the overdone reviews bit. There was one girl in my home region who had a bunch of good reviews so i was tempted to go see her then had a look in her private gallery and thought "fuck that" and not in the good way ;)

I should have known by all the "prettier than i expected" comments. I hate paying to shag someone that is on a level with me. I have no problem paying to see a girl who is several leagues above - that's the whole point of punting!

Escorts that i consider gorgeous are the ones that can carry a punt with looks alone. The ones that phase me out because i would never find myself with them in one room or bed without paying for it. Gabi ( very good example of foreign escort:) ) and Candi are definitely in that category.
Wgs with normal looks have to make up in service department. For me exceptional service is something that will pull me back sooner than looks alone.

I wrote in a different post that Candice and Gabi are not interchangeable. Candi offers gym toned body with enhanced breasts, long dark hair, she is smoking hot and privdes amazing DT with CIM.
Gabi is a natural beauty with fuller hips, slim waist and natural big breasts, long dark hair and is more vanilla GFE.

It's a different experience and Candi does offer a bit more for extra 50 quid. So whoever is reading this conversation i wouldn't disregard one in favour of the other it's just a matter of what you're after at the moment. Just on the side note i do think 150ph is pricey and is max i'll pay any escort but money wasn't on my mind when i left her flat so yeah...go for it :D

that's my take on it :D

Just on the side note i do think 150ph is pricey and is max i'll pay any escort but money wasn't on my mind when i left her flat so yeah...go for it :D

that's my take on it :D
I agree everybody puts a different level of importance on money and what they are prepared to spend on what, some blow cash on flash cars and the latest gadgets so they have something to show for it while others go on expensive holidays but still have memories.

You have to live for the moment sometimes and if a great punt lives long in the memory then it's worthwhile in my opinion, you only live once and life is for living also as they say you can't take it with you

Offline costa

I totally agree with the last few post , I now only go upto 150 now but for that I think I may be expecting too much , i really believe the so called top girls are the minimum standard for me in looks department for the price . For me 100 - 150 is a lot off my disposable income that's why I prefer tiff at 100 . Without sounding rude I think I have a misconception that if your selling your body you have to be attractive that clearly isn't the case - even after 3-4 years I'm just coming to terms with this , I take all reviews on aw with a pinch of salt there a bit more realism on here.

Offline leedslad

Great Review... one for the list

Offline long cock

got a booking wiv candy this week carnt wait to se wat shes like

Offline costa

got a booking wiv candy this week carnt wait to se wat shes like
If you can , spend the extra £30 and go with the rimming and facial . Being rimmed of candi and getting hand relief at the same time is amazing, also in the same session prostate massage and oral at the same time follow by giving her a facial to finish .

Offline long cock

gonna go for the facial no doubt

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