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Author Topic: Naughty Alexa Love - Sudbury Hill - AVOID  (Read 5559 times)

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Offline SamLP

Firstly well done for getting your ££ back from them..

Being naive and having never had this happen can I ask what you would actually say to the police?

What side would the law fall in that situation if you had the police come out too - as it is effectively a punters word against the WG & Pimps etc? Also wouldn't this jeopardise your own privacy?

Just hoping to learn from others should I ever find myself in this scenario


Make a call and tell them that there's a brothel at X address and there are dangerous pimps on site stealing from and threatening customers who visit. May include that some of the girls look like they're under duress. It's basically a poker game when you decide to use that threat though. Whether they believe you, how you handle their tactics. You've got to understand these lowlifes don't want the police visiting them as it will cost them money and put them under the spotlight especially if the people inside are known or wanted by the authorities. Of course they will use bully tactics to make sure you give up and forget your money, but it's also advisable to assess the situation first and make your own calculated risk as you may come across a psycho who doesn't think first and end up beaten up or worse. These are all scenarios but it's ultimately your choice what to do if you're ever in this situation. The best advice though is to always confirm services when making a booking, and once again before you hand over the money and be prepared to walk if they've lied or you sense hesitation. There are the lowlives that lie at both those stages and don't deliver the agreed services as attested by this review and others.

Offline punk

Now offering BB (on the above profiles)


Face pictures (looks like different W/G)?

you can tell that the pictures above are of two different Prossies. And she doesn't off BB.

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