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Author Topic: Naughty Alexa Love - Sudbury Hill - AVOID  (Read 5563 times)

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Offline LL

You're a lot braver than I am Sam.  Glad you got your money back.  I personally wouldn't risk what you did but I do admire you for doing so, well done!  I would be concerned that I would meet two pimps and neither of them would be the "smart one"!  And then leaving with a black eye and having to explain that to the wife would be a tricky situation.

Last time I got scammed by a Romanian was an incall to a hotel - a Holiday Inn.  On my way out, I thought about tipping off the hotel management about the presence of a scamming whore working from one of their rooms.

Offline SamLP

Thanks guys. It was genuinely the first time I was put in that situation. I had requested my money back 3 times previously, twice it was handed back with no argument as they had lied about their services. The third was a Chinese girl in Bayswater. She was taking the piss, no FK, only mish, no second round even though I had confirmed all with the maid before the punt. Had a massive argument when she said there was no second round and asked for half my money back. Another prossie got involved and said I could see her instead for the remainder of the time but I was too pissed off to stay. Eventually another maid came, they phoned the original maid to confirm the services, the girl was shouting in her language but they did eventually give me half my money back.

In this instance I assessed the situation. They were genuinely scared of their neighbours finding out what goes on in the flat. They wouldn't risk the police being called in and I was firm that if I was touched I would be calling them. They didn't look like the type who would fight anyway, just scum who think it's an easy way to make money by scamming clients.

LL, i'm single and I was due to play football a little later anyway so any black eye could have been passed off as a elbow in the face accident.

Brilliant for holding on and at the end you got it.

Would had argued for the money , but I'm not brave enough to wait their when the pimps were there cause I probably would not know what they are capable off.

Hats off to you  :thumbsup:

Well done Sam  :thumbsup:
Glad you stood up to her piss poor service and got your money back .

Offline The_Don

Browsing A/W today, I seen both profiles, now reduced rates.



Offline punk

Browsing A/W today, I seen both profiles, now reduced rates.

Make up for her reduced services.

Offline SamLP

Browsing A/W today, I seen both profiles, now reduced rates.

Name change too and has now also hidden her face. Must be a very dusty phone.

Online jonah45

I only carry my punting phone,the right amount of cash in my pocket and nothing else,i hide my car key behind my wheel,and text my punting mate the address and girls name as soon as i get it.....if it goes tits up i'll let them know i have an acquaintance waiting to pick me up after the punt and show them ive text them address.worse case i only loose a crap phone and money
I go in positive and take control,try to let them know you aint gonna be fucked about



I remember when I was new to punting I had the same situation once where I got into a serious argument with WG because of wrong services and shit attitude and it got ugly real quick.
After arguing with WG she called her pims and I argued with them as well. After some time of threatening and swearing from the both sides I managed to get my money back and left the place without any harm. It was a pretty intense experience... At first I was so pissed that this thing happened to me but in fact it was a real eye-opening for me. I learned a lot from that experience and became more careful and cautious during my punts which saved me a lot of trouble.

I salute you for standing your ground, not letting fear to take over you and getting back your money!

Offline SamLP

Thanks Chimera, just goes to show that it's possible to get your money back. They will intimidate and threaten but they are really more afraid you will involve the authorities and cause a loss of income.

What I've learnt from punting is to confirm services both over the phone and before handing over any money. This has helped me not to pursue a WG by hearing what she had to offer over the phone or in the case when they have lied to get you in, I've ended up walking many times by confirming services beforehand only to find I was lied to. There are those lowlifes who will lie twice then not deliver. If you can spot it within the first minute, then I would immediately ask for my money back, it's easier when she hasn't yet performed anything and I've got my money back a few times but it can also turn ugly as per the review.

Offline king tarzan

My situation with a fit polish bitch turned really ugly
She threatened to have me beaten up
Shouting screaming at me in polish
Obviously beautiful pleasantries! !
Lying bitch she was!!!

Fair play to you for standing up to them.

Had a similar situation years ago got fairly scary to be honest but you have to defend yourself and again good on you for doing so.

Offline The_Don

Linking her other profile to this review:

https://www.adultwork.com/2827858 or https://www.adultwork.com/delia+baby

Now offering BB (on the above profiles)


Face pictures (looks like different W/G)?

« Last Edit: September 02, 2015, 11:06:19 AM by The_Don »

Offline punther

It's definitely her I saw her in another room when I went to see rafaella and she let me out of the flat when rafaella went into the shower

Guess she has to offer BB now business is slow

Offline SamLP

Now offering BB (on the above profiles)

Face pictures (looks like different W/G)?

Looks like a different girl to me, facially not the same and the girl i reviewed still has a profile up and accessing it.
However, would be surprised with the offer of bb as she tried her best not to do OWO. Maybe a fall from grace if it's her due to a dusty phone or another scam to lure those who go for bb only to find she doesn't offer it or it's an extra. At least most sensible punters will steer clear.

Offline The_Don

At least most sensible punters will steer clear.


And I hope so, this site; with reviews and feedback (via posts/PM etc) may have cost many a bad W/G and or pimps money.

https://www.adultwork.com/2738014 or https://www.adultwork.com/Naughty+Alexa+Love

In short, a lying girl with a piss poor attitude. I wasn't having any of it and demanded my money back. She refused, tried to chuck me out, then her friend tried too before they called their two pimps from the other room who also tried to chuck me out without giving my money back.

Longer version

Called and agreed a booking. Made sure to confirm services - FK, OWO & protected sex.
Arrived and was let me to a flat that reeked of cigarettes, you could see the haze of smoke up near the ceiling. Reconfirmed services before handing over the money for half an hour. Same girl as profile but without the make-up.

She then started to ask a few personal questions and being rude before saying she was going to the toilet. She had already gone to stash the money somewhere so that was now two disappearances and the punt hadn't yet started.

She had told me to strip and get on the bed earlier so i waited for her there. Upon return she stripped and headed straight for oral. No kissing or touching. She had previously asked if I was clean and seemed to try and come up with an excuse not to perform OWO. It changed when I told her I would leave if she didn't want to do it (when confirming the services). Her oral was poor, lasted all of 30 seconds and lots of wipes were used. Even during OWO, she wiped and once she finished she used another.

I asked if we could kiss as I was barely hard but she didn't listen. She scowled saying it's too early why are you in a rush and proceeded put on a condom and asked me to fuck her in mish. I wasn't even hard and we were barely a minute into the punt. At that instance I told her I wasn't interested, got up to get dressed and told her to give me my money back. That's when it turned nasty. Clearly she wasn't interested in providing a decent service and her attitude stunk. She was refusing, telling me to leave. She threatened to call the police to which I told her to go ahead and do so. After a minute she called her friend in (https://www.adultwork.com/2695244 or https://www.adultwork.com/Horny+Angel%2DXX) who was nicer but told me the same that I won't be getting my money back because she had already performed oral on me.

It turned uglier when Alexa opened the door and tried to grab me towards it. I stood my ground and told her not to touch me. They then called their two pimps/boyfriends who were in the other room. One big guy, probably 6'1" and another around 5'10". The second one was talking to me in what I probably guess is Romanian and tried to grab and push me towards the door. I made it clear that if he touched me I would call the police and I won't be leaving without my money. The bigger guy was clearly the smarter one and told him to back off a little when he saw I wasn't going to be pushed around. It could have easily become a violent confrontation but I stayed defiant for a few reasons. I wasn't going to get scammed, they were conscious about loud voices and the neighbours knowing what goes on in the flat, they knew I wasn't backing off and was prepared to call the police.

After another 5 minutes of arguing, Alexa screaming, the second guy trying to look threatening and mouthing off while the bigger guy was trying to reason with me. Eventually they told Alexa to give me my money back. Smart choice, of course she did so whilst mouthing off insults. I was quickly gone.

Opposite Sudbury Hill station
Well done Sam lad. These type of stories freak me out actually not because of what might happen to me physically but once the pimps got involved and screamed at me my actions could end me in a heap of shite. I think I would have left but returned later with some company and then it would get messy.  I think that's why I am much more risk adverse when selecting who I see and where.
That's the problem with these types they can dish it out but do they seriously not worry about the consequences

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Offline SamLP

https://www.adultwork.com/3155691 or https://www.adultwork.com/AlexaDesire

New profile for Alexa. Seems to have deleted the old one - dusty phone maybe?

Offline epiales

Thank god i did some research - was tempted to book this one tomorrow!

Firstly well done for getting your ££ back from them..

Being naive and having never had this happen can I ask what you would actually say to the police?

What side would the law fall in that situation if you had the police come out too - as it is effectively a punters word against the WG & Pimps etc? Also wouldn't this jeopardise your own privacy?

Just hoping to learn from others should I ever find myself in this scenario


Offline SamLP

Thank god i did some research - was tempted to book this one tomorrow!

It's been a year and half since this review but it's good to know it's still useful  :hi:

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