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Author Topic: zombie fetish?  (Read 450 times)

Offline AnthG

 :( Not good at all. Think definitely serious drug addict. Or given Bareback is in the list clear post infected girl with something very bad. (I know that is awful to say about someone, but that picture of her is truly that bad)

I am curious by this in her profile heading too

english white girl young looking

Of course you will be young looking, you are down as 18.

Reading between the lines from the above it suggests she is not even close to 18

Offline smiths

Has the look of a street worker to me, obviously a guess but perhaps she is keen to get off the street and work a bit more safely. A never in this lifetime for me, both on looks and the BB advertised.

Offline frank

Zombies, crack ho's, it's all a rich tapestry

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