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Author Topic: Lichfield, Dr China  (Read 1267 times)

Offline smithie1000

New one at Dr china this week, ask for Amy.  It the usual £25 for half hour and pay extra for extra's lol.

She is about 30 at the most and not too bad but English not good at all.  Anyway I asked for b2b and it was £40 on top of the £25 so its expensive at £65.  The massage was not to bad but I turned over b4 she asked me to, I asked for the b2b. 
She stripped off down to her pants got on top of me and started the b2b, its nice having those tits all over you. After a while she started giving me a tit wank so I held her tits and got her to go for it.  She asked if I like her to take off her pants but understanding her was hard, she of course asked for more money but I said no.  Eventually she lay besides me wanking me while I was kissing her all around her neck and feeling her tits, no touching between her legs.  Did not take long to come and then she cleaned me all over.
So bit expensive but its local for me.
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Hi Smithie,

Just a quick thanks for the heads up on Dr China. Paid a visit today because the same as you , its more local for me. Had a very good time with Amy.

My first post on this site, I discovered the site only recently. Have been a member on the ISG forum for many years. Used to do a lot of punting in the FKK clubs in Germany but unfortunately do not get the chance to visit so often any more , so enjoying punts closer to home.



Offline smithie1000

Hi Shag, ok great and glad it was ok for you.  I wonder who they got this week coming? as its all changed there now.
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