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Author Topic: Berlin, April 3-6. Hotel Punt?  (Read 590 times)

Offline d2331

Evening all. Hitting Berlin for a 3 night break on April 3rd - 6th, first time over there.

Plan is to do FKK Artemis because, well - we all know why.

But, I might fancy booking a girl to come to the hotel one of the nights.

How do I got about this? I've never booked an outcall on AW let alone another country, is there a similar, simple enough method?

Also, not really Berlin-specific, but what's the general deal with getting girls to your room? Are hotels generally okay with guests, if they even notice at all? I'm guessing in a place like Berlin it's going to be expected more than in say, a British Travelodge!

Any and all advice welcome, cheers.

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