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Author Topic: kerry at lss edinburgh  (Read 901 times)

Offline tojosmith

hi lads i was up at lss yesterday there was a girl called kerry not a match on the old kerry of years ago. she was booked so i cant do a review on her. i picked someone else. and went up to newtown today saw the sexy adelina very good service thats been 2 times i have seen her now. i think i will be sticking with this one for a while. she looked very sexy with her tiny red knickers and black holdups. this girl is worth going to see. as i said before shes sex on legs.
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Offline JazzMan

Thanks for another excellent review tojo
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Offline Largs43

Is LSS letting the girls wear lingerie these days?

Thanks Tojosmith.  :cool:
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Offline Largs43

And is Rebeca (her spelling) still there?
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I thought for a second the greatest WG in the history of the Edinburgh saunas was back....maybe not :dash:

Offline sparrow

   Positive review of Adelina at Newtown, not Kerry at LSS.

   Tojo classic.

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