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Author Topic: small talk with hookers ?  (Read 3240 times)

A lot of girls ask me what I do for a living. Is that:

A) Because they are interested?
B) Because they want to judge how much I earn and how often I'm likely to be back?
C) Something weirder I hadn't thought of?

Heh, it happens quite often in my case. So i say the true - i'm a chef. But it was so funny when one WG told me she was a chef as well. So we talked about cooking  :wacko: :wackogirl:

I generally chat a bit at the start mainly complimenting her on looks or attire then at the end nice chat both ways i have found my chats with WG's isnt too different to those with Taxi Drivers.How long you been doing this whats the kinkiest thing youve done general stuff about her "job" I have to admit Social interraction has to be some part of a punt for me.If i see a girl a few times general chat gets more specific on both parts.I tell the truth mainly as tbh i cant be bothered making up stuff/Luckily i know quite a few interesting people and i have lots of stories that relate to something the girl has told me.
Mind i still think the weirdest conversation i ever had was with another punter waiting for an Orgy who asked me how Clint Hill was doing with QPR(I was taking my QPR top off at the time).Mind having the same 2 girls sharing our cocks later on was quite good.

Offline Ben4454

A lot of escorts are quite hesitant on talking about themselves as they do not want the punter knowing much about them. The thing is the punter is or should be exactly the same. So in theory it doesn't make much sense to make a lot of small talk. Unless it were a hairdresser it would make sense but a girl who has just serviced your cock not much needs to take place. I used to ask girls questions about for example if  they were a student i would ask what they were studying but  a lot of girls prefer a certain degree of annonomity.

If I think hard back to my punts I usually walk in and give some kind of thought as to what I am thinking at that current time. Such as usually a comment on their appearance and what i would like to do to them - usually as a benefit for myself. Most of my thoughts are 'in the moment' and are not thinking ahead or in the past.
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I'm going to assume your opener was a poor attempt at trolling, but if not I genuinely pity you.
it takes one to know one maybe?

Offline Siadwel

When they ask what I do, I tell them I'm a retired airline pilot who failed the astronaut qualification because I fucked the Chief of NASA's daughter.

By the time I've finished, they're usually checking their texts.

Offline sticko

i have found my chats with WG's isnt too different to those with Taxi Drivers.How long you been doing this whats the kinkiest thing youve done

You get a lot friendlier with taxi drivers than I ever have.  I don't usually get past a dissection of the traffic light timings on Edgeware Road.


Offline Dodo

Without any hesitation I would bet that the questions that the OP has listed are indeed the most common questions a working girl is asked. That is not to say you should ask those personal questions or not but it does mean that Bunny is not alone in the conversation that he strikes up.
I am with Sir Frank on this, I also like to have a chat before, during and after. It makes the experience more than just a shag......if that is all I wanted I could get that of a blow up doll. We aint all turn up, shag em and fuck off kind of guys.
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Offline Sonny Crockett

Depends on the lady I'm with!!!!!!! With some it can be nothing more than monosyllabic, others we could talk for England!!!!!
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Online Malvolio

At the beginning of the punt I want to get things moving quickly, so no small talk there, just confirmation of the agreed price and what's on offer.

My punts tend to be with EE ladies, so in the gap between first and second rounds I ask about where they're from and what they'd recommend a visitor to do in their country.

Offline FasterHarder

I hate small talk in general, never mins with hookers.

Time spent without my cock in her mouth is time misspent.
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