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Author Topic: Geordie Faye  (Read 1593 times)

Offline Somsom

Alright gents. Anyone seen Geordie Faye ? Lots of feedback on AW but nothing on here ?? Cheers

Offline Sar-Major

Would this be the lady in question  :dancegirl:


BB rider at Extra £££ NO way Hosay    :scare:  :scare:  :scare:

 :hi:   :hi:

Offline daveev

this bare back thing is such a load of bollocks, dose a none BB escort have a boyfriend fucking her?, wear a condom no different, starting to do my head in,

Offline jarrovian

Yes it makes a difference, I don't want to be going down on someone who's just taken a fannyfull of spunk 20 minutes earlier

Offline daveev

But all escorts BB, they say you can't ask for this you will be banned, ive had 4 regulars that don't BB but they all have with me, you just don't know, just cos she says this, no amount of money won't make this happen, get a grip that's what they like, the wonga lets the penis go in haha, so next time you're in the none BB escort, think again, maybe the last guys spunk is still in there,

I remember contacting this one ages ago, got a very rude reply along the lines of she is only interested in guys over a certain age, 35 I think

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