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Author Topic: Nadia 34 Romily Street Soho  (Read 1075 times)

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Offline Stouty

Visited Nadia for my first ever walk up/punt. I have been umming and ahhing for months and had an early finish at work, was at a loose end so thought I would go for it.

I arrived at about 1 p.m the maid explained Nadia was busy but shouldn't be long so I sat and had a chat with the maid for 5 mins or so, then Nadia appeared and I was well impressed. Very pretty Turkish/EE girl,wearing a very tight cut away red dress and black undies. Tits between 34a/b. Paid 20.00+ 2.00 for sex, paid up and she asked me to undress while she went to see the maid. I was rock hard by the time she reappeared and she put the rubber on with her mouth. Gave me a blow job for about 30 seconds then laid back with legs spread, I really wanted a longer blow job so asked her to suck a bit longer but she explained this would be 10.00 more, paid extra and she sucked me for another 2 minutes then laid back again with her knees behind her ears. Slipped straight in and fucked her for a couple of minutes but, frankly, with the rubber on, I didn,t feel too much (I can shag the missus without the condom anytime, it was the blow job I was really after-her indoors sucks me off but despite years of practise, she cannot take it deep and I think she really prefers not to). Ended up with Nadia finishing me by hand while I played with her clit and tits. Filled the rubber, job done.

Overall, for 30.00/15 mins, good value. I can be in Soho within 20 mins from home so think I will be a regular for a quickie.
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Sounds more like a neutral to me as you didn't really get what you had expected or indeed wanted?
i.e prolonged DT! I am sure there must be others reviewed well on here that would Meet your requirements better? Sounds like you are one of the rare lucky ones getting any sort of BJ at home from the wife! :cool:
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Offline punter6969

If its BJ that you are after then why opt for sex?  :dash:

Offline Stouty

2 fair points. I really treated this as a fact finding trip to see how the whole soho walk up thing works. I guess I didn't explain myself to Nadia very well and on this occasion I was happy to go with the flow. I will be returning this week with these lessons learnt. Definitely a positive as I had a really good time and I couldn't blame her for my poor comms.

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