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Author Topic: Sweet_Olivia_22  (Read 1699 times)

3 review(s) for Sweet_Olivia_21 (2 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]


Had a good time with this girl

Coms : good 10/10

Venue : flat clean

Looks: Cute looking. Small tits but curvy
I like curvy :)

The Deed : Paper done then straight to some good old cock sucking. she does it well but not very deep. I asked her to slow it down but she said she wasn't very good at slow sucking. Blew my load then had a quick chat waiting for round 2.

More sucking to get me hard then had a good fuck with a bit of moaning.

Will recomend  :thumbsup:

3 review(s) found for Sweet_Olivia_21 linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Had another visit and still high class service

Online Redevil86

Only use a phone for my hobby so restricted in what it apears I can do here so any way , I visited _sweet_olivia_22_ this afternoon for an hour gfe thanks to positive feedback on here, e-mailed last Thursday to see how land was laying , followed by text , all was good and swift and Sunday it was, address received Sunday dinner time , with out asking, checked on computer exactly ware the property was , parked up near by , sent text, I've parked up and received flat number, simple when done properly. Now if you've ever visited the landlord needs fucking, he really should spend some of the money he gets from the 8to10 ? Flats on some referb , but don't let that put you off. Once in Olivia's flat all is well, her room is clean and tidy as is she. So in I go having no clue really what she looks like, she opens door and a very welcoming smile greater me to which I was well pleased, pretty girl, lovely smile mainly due to near perfect teeth, I like this, up stairs, kissing and fondeling ensude for a short while as she rubbed my package in to semi lob trough my pants as my jeans wear pulled half down, she then started to undress me but I had to take my boots off ( I do have difficulty getting them on and off ! ) chucked my clothes off and more kissing and off came her basque , her tits are not big but I did enjoy them for shape and suckability and suck them I did and then down she went and sucked my cock with great aplom, then on to bed for more cock sucking then she climed on for a bout of 69 and a wounerfull view was had by red ( no better place to be on a Sunday afternoon, ) the smell and taste what with Olivia chomping on my cock was bliss. Had to stop her there because another 30 seconds and a fully loaded two nut gun salute would have occurred , bit more kissing and licking and fingering and she climbed on top and she Roed me befor sitting on me face, it was raining out side and I got a lovely wet face to match the weather, love it, up we get and try doggy, now I'm six one, she's about five four and the bed is very low so she put her high heels on and stood up bending over and up against the mirrored wardrobe, now doggy is by far my fav so although I intended to do a bit more after about 5 mins of said position I thought I had it under control but did I  ? No I never ! There comes a point ware the voice in your head says , ok ease off now, but no one at home is listening and boom, smashed it in to the condom which was bang on brilliant . Still had about 15 mins left so she gave me a nice massage / rub down and we chatted, she has a lovely polish accent which is so endearing, I love long hair and hers is very nice, she's not thin but not fat , she's sexy and shaply , nice tits, nice arse. Plenty to get your self worked up about, she's pleasant and warm.  did I enjoy-yes,    would I go back-definitely,     Am I going back- too damned right I am because I arranged with Olivia a 3sum with Amy before Olivia goes back to Poland for her holidays in August , can't wait for that day of my life to happen. Hope this was ok as a report although I could find no way of registering it as one on my I-phone, big positive here all the same.

Offline HughJardon

Good write up Red, i appreciate the time and effort taken and will pop over to the flower shop in the coming days, unless Katherine Jenkins fancies making a quick ton, then Il suck the opera right out of her baps  :angelgirl:

For info its the same site as Sexy Amy,

Il call it the PPS = Polish Pole Smokers

there was some thing stirring in my pants reading your report wow got to get me some of olivia nice one well done :yahoo:

Online Redevil86

Pay her a visit, she won't let you down, she's on my to visit again list for sure.

Online Redevil86

Applications there , forgot to mention Olivia did a great job of sucking my balls and sliding up and down my shaft back down to take them fully in her mouth for a good toughing, don't think Katherine Jenkins would have that on her to do list, no way I could afford it if she did !

Online pork sword

Great report RED another one rising up my HL to consider on the strength of that..

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