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Author Topic: outcall Glasgow options  (Read 592 times)

Offline jb5799

Hi All
          Anyone got any options for a outcall for a couple of hours at night ? Any decent Girls on GCE lately ? Been with a few from the agency but been a bit disappointing to be honest I had a
          previous meeting with AnalyaAngel from  AW last time which was nice just wondering if there was any other options ?

     Cheers JB

Offline the good 1

I prefer to meet where the lass works as there are some thieves out there and does work out cheaper.
But if you don't fancy a meet where the girl works go meet in between and book a hotel as quite a lot of birds only do out calls to hotels,and they usually need a land line number or the hotel room number and that saves you giving out personal details.
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Offline zag69

JB, can you list the girls you have seen at GCE and rate them? I've seen a few of them but don't want to part with another £150 if it's going to be shit.
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Offline bensonhedges20

Theres a few threads where someone has listed them.

Find them in the scotland section - shouldnt be hard to find?
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