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Author Topic: Hotel booking site that shows prices for each separate day?  (Read 439 times)

Online agcnospam

Hi chaps

Just a quick query, wonder if anyone here knows of a hotel search/booking site which shows the prices for each day of a given range separately (like laterooms.co.uk used to do but now doesn't)?

E.g. if you enter a search for XYZ Hotel, London, it would show;

20/3 - £90
21/3 - £100
22/3 - £80

...instead of one price, so I can book a room on the cheapest night of the range?

Thanks in advance, keep on truckin' :)

Offline akauya

Try Travelodge, enter your preferred location and then click on search. It gives you a calendar with prices per day:


Offline Qwerty

On booking.com, it's quite easy to amend the search with a different date

Online agcnospam

Cheers for the info chaps, I know I know, I'm bloody lazy, but the annoying thing is that laterooms used to show prices for individual dates, and they changed it - the only analogy I can think of is, if they stopped making electric car windows, and went back to the handle - life would go on, but it would kind of bug me :)

Happy punting

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