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Author Topic: Cardiff Leah  (Read 1197 times)

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I've not done many reviews to date so please go easy on me guys...

I've just got back home after one of the most disappointing punts I've had to date, and I'm very sad to inform you all she was not Romanian but British (Welsh). I lived in Wales for 10 years and I find the Welsh accent a real turn on (I think its all those sexy Welsh women I could never get near when I lived there!)

Cardiff Leah https://www.adultwork.com/2856626 or https://www.adultwork.com/cardiff+leah
I put out an RB a couple weeks ago to which Cardiff Leah made a bid. I had already agreed an offer from another WG but Cardiff Leah said she would do it for £20 cheaper if I cancelled the other girl. I didn't cancel the other girl but did agree with Cardiff Leah that I would take her up on her offer the next time the opportunity came around and that was today. So here's the review.

Comms were excellent 10/10. Lots of messages back and forth for the previous week agreeing date and time, services etc. All very polite and positive.

Flat: Very nice 10/10. Gated community on Cardiff Bay. Clean and tidy with nice clean bathroom. She has the use of the flat for meets. The flat is owned by another WG who lets her use it for bookings.

Appearance: 6/10. NOT THE GIRL IN THE PHOTO... It was hard to tell when I arrived but looking at the picture now it is definitely a different girl. Nevertheless Cardiff Leah was pleasant enough and certainly not ugly.

Services: 2/10. This is where the real disappointment kicks in... I had made it very clear through out all the AW messages and text messages I was expecting DFK, OWO, CIM, Swallow and Anal. In addition I wanted her to enjoy herself so wanted to include RO and some fingering. I got HR and about 20 seconds of OWO which was pretty poor. The booking was for 1.5 hours and I was in and out within 75 minutes and that included a shower at the beginning and another at the end!

Don't get me wrong she's a nice enough girl and we got on fine talking but that's not what I was there for. I think maybe I'm too much of a pushover and too polite for punting so I just get taken advantage. I need to be more assertive but I do find that a challenge when asking for sexual services. A product of my era I guess.

Would I recommend her: NO
Would I see her again: NO   

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Offline HughJardon

Its a great review mate but dont start doubting yourself over this little vixen, we have all been to punts where expectations are high and services are agreed, and before you know it your taking that long drive home despondant and gutted about going. We all learn from our experiences, hopefully the next punt will be an insane pussy pounding time.

Its amazing how a bit of DFK and pussy play can change the experience tho

Thanks HJ, I somehow think you might be right. Next punt is Monday with Little Katie  :thumbsup:

Offline dcpunt

Good review.

She bid on a RB, but after this review I won't be accepting hers.

She told me she has been escorting for about 6 months but then also told me she has 2 kids. The youngest is just 2 months old?!?

Offline HughJardon

Thanks HJ, I somehow think you might be right. Next punt is Monday with Little Katie  :thumbsup:

Little Katie looks mind blowing has excellent reviews and looks like anna kournikova, i think this punt will be a distant memory come Tuesday, and youll be high on life again ..wish she lived in Wales tho, defo on my HL

Anna Kockinher while I got her bendover.. little Katie.. link please  :rolleyes:

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Offline HughJardon

Ive heard unsuprisingly shes got a huge waiting list, this is well worth visiting brizzle for

Offline SirFrank

Little Katie is the fucking bomb. In all honesty one of the best punts I've ever had ever
Banning reason: Shitstirring against admin on behalf of banned member

Yeah HJ, Everything I've read and been told about Katie is awesome. She is so popular she only sees regulars now but I was really lucky in that I sent her message and she responded most favourably and agreed to see me on Monday. In all honesty I just hope I can keep things up my end. Apparently she is a naughty young lady!!!  :thumbsup:

Offline HughJardon

Might be worth juicing for her ( blue pill) but thats your choice, she looks a right little raver and probably dishes out the same service level across the board, she probably treated SirF like us mere mortals too  :thumbsup:

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