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Author Topic: What happens when you see a sub pray tell  (Read 4303 times)

Firstly, Mr 306 asked about hot wax.

It was a domme who told me that she has 3 different types of candle by temperature and when she had used lowest, then middle one on me.

It takes a long, careful, hot shower to get the wax off a hairy torso and legs.

Thinking about the theme of building trust. A domme I saw recently as an escort at HOD was safely parcelled in one of my hugs.
I said that I was surprised that a girl as dominant as she is so enjoyed being held that way. Her reply was "All girls like a good hug".

Perhaps that's why I get so much trust so soon. I am more than old enough to be a father figure and strong enough to provide a really good hug. One WG told me that I am easily the strongest of her repeat clients. Perhaps being wrapped up in a strong hug conveys a feeling of security which morphs into trust.

Of course, I may be completely wrong. It can happen.

Offline 306

mr d fuck
re the candles wax i have used nite lites
 and if they are held up high wax is cooler by the time it gets to the lower body
of course if held close still burning hot .
my question is there wax that burns at different temperatures or not ?
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