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Author Topic: Heidi xox of adultwork  (Read 825 times)

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Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/2424778

Agreed £60 for 30 mins

Had swore I wouldn't use this agency after last fiasco, things never change. Prices have been reduced, and a nice profile pic led me to to book.

Everything done by text. Request for door card to hotel room to be left under door, accepted. Request for her to be dressed in heels stockings and suspenders accepted.

Turned up at allocated time to jurys newcastle. Made to wait 20 min before being given room number. When I go up, someone leaving! No response to my texts so I exit. I then see a lass matching same discription sitting in the pimps Range Rover outside.

I then get text to say she ready. Looks like the room in hotel is being double shifted, assuming with Paris of newcastle who previously worked for agency as she is in area on same day. It's defo not Paris the one I had booked.
I went back to room. No door card under door. Cheeky cunt of a pimp then says 'Knock then' when I messaged him to say no door card. Disputes that we had agreed. Anyway at this point I decide to walk as he seems to say anything to get u to turn up to session.

Not before I walk do I realise the cleaner must have notified management downstairs of a male loitering! So get asked if I'm lost by management. I said I was at wrong jurys and walked.

One to avoid. Lass looked pretty in car from where I saw her but I bet she don't offer non of the services listed and didn't even do the first stage as agreed of leaving door card outside.
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2 review(s) found for Megan xxxox linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline themademan2

Seems like profile use to be someone else's! Not the first time they done this before
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Wow - thanks for the heads up on this one.......to be avoided.

It seems that the long gone Tori was the only plus for this pitiful excuse of an "agency"

Bad crack mademan :thumbsdown:

Close shave, well done for not letting the little head do your thinking, wish I had today. She was on my HL and I actually tried to arrange a meet with her earlier this week and exchanged several messages. I rarely feel comfortable with hotels for the reasons you mention.

Offline greychap

Pimp sat outside in range rover and obviously a number of girls sharing the hotel room...NOT FOR ME!
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