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Author Topic: Newbie  (Read 692 times)

So I've been lurking around reading and enjoying the posts.

My question is..

How long did you think about punting before you actually went first time?
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Offline AnthG

How long did you think abut punting before you actually went first time?

One full month. Roundabouts.

Offline PaintBrush

You've thought about it, now just go for it.
That was me.

Offline Siadwel

I don't remember. I remember I'd always found the idea of paying for sex incredibly arousing, right from my early twenties.

When I finally got the opportunity, many years later unfortunately, it took me about two minutes. A parlour in Eversholt St., and did they see me coming, no pun intended.

A quick look on Google Earth and it looks like it's still there.

I don't remember exactly, but some time in January last year was when I discovered escorts and AW, first punt was scheduled for early Feb as I recall but had to call it off after a change in my plan. Eventually saw the same girl on 1st March.

I don't think there's a right or wrong length of time - once you've found AW et al, it's just a matter of time, so....

....book her, fuck her and don't forget to review!


Offline DG

About ten minutes. Hadn't ever thought about paying for sex before; tried a swingers site with little success. Came home off a nightshift one morning, felt horny as hell and Googled "Local Escorts". Found a girl who lived 5 mins away, called her, made booking and was fucking an hour and a half later. Been punting regularly ever since, that was last June.
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Offline Malvolio

First time I thought about punting was on a lads trip to Amsterdam back in 2001 - went to the RLD just to look in the windows and I realised that there were some very attractive women doing that job.  I'd previously seen street prossies in King's Cross who looked rough as hell and thought that was the standard you got if you saw a prossie.

Took me nearly another ten years before having my first punt though.

Took me an hour to find me one I liked the look of that was in my area. Booked, washed my cock and off I went.

Offline Ben4454

Since I was about 15. Went for a punt at 16 and got turned down.. then waited till i turned 18.
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Offline spkmstr48

Your depressing me, I can't actually remember!

I do remember her name was Laura, twenty-something, somewhere in Bedfordshire and she never took her boots off.
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Offline bensonhedges20

My first: Till i found someone who ticked all the right boxes
Someone who would look model like and i would have no chance with in a club or bar no matter how hard i tried.

Once i found one i booked and travelled To see her as she was outwith the area.

I then got a jist for how easy and Fulfilling it was
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I think I'd had it in the back of my mind for many years, but never acted on the notion. Then about five years ago something in me thought 'what the hell, give it a try, if you go once and it's crap, you don't need to go again'
Fortunately my first time was great..........and having had a couple of not-as-good meets since, I sometimes think about the fact that (maybe) if I'd kicked off with a crap experience it might have been a one time only thing - I say maybe because maybe once I'd entered into the hobby I'd have thought 'that was crap but I'll just try one more to see.........'

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