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Author Topic: Lindsey_xxx - I want more  (Read 921 times)

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Offline john_n

Lindsey_xxx- https://www.adultwork.com/2811799

Comms : First contacted Lindsey via email and within a few hours she replied. Had a few email conversations with her and always got reply within more than reasonable time. She also contacted me again closer to the booking and we exchanged a few emails. Texted me again on the day of the booking. No need to discuss her english skills :)

Just to point out before anyone starts screaming .  The reason why I got very swift replies was that I was lucky enough to book Lindsey and see her before the recent rush.

Amount paid : £200 for 2 hours

Venue :  Booked Lindsey to see me at the hotel where I was staying

Looks/Personality : Very pretty and tall girl with classic girl-next-door looks. For me it was really nice for once to meet a tall girl. Her personality is great and got to agree with what is written in all the other reviews. Just the kind of GF I wished a had, one you can bring home to your parents and absolutely fantastic in the bedroom. Very sweet, kind and educated girl. I don't think there is anyone who wouldn't like Lindsey. Guess I got to stop there as it might sound like I got EAS already :)

*Fluffy alert*

Service: After reading the first two-three reviews of Lindsey I was really excited about what kind of girl I would see when opening the door. I was absolutely not disappointed and her looks were like already explained. She was wearing a black dress, black sheer stocking and high heels. Got her coat off and after a quick introduction it was time to start kissing. It felt so good and time for me to lie down and Lindsey to start sucking my cock. Soon it was time to experience some of her great deep throat. Told me to stand by the bed while she lay on her stomach and she took my cock in her mouth. It was pretty obvious I haden't tried proper DT before as Lindsey really got it all in and her lips couldn't get any closer to my body. Continued  with her DT'ing me interupted by kissing every now and then.

Finally it was time to start fucking Lindsey and now I experienced what I thought would end in disaster. Started penetrating her but just couldn't keep a strong enough erection. This is absolutely not ment to brag, but I had obviously since I'm new to punting been doing it a bit too much the last 4-5 days. All my latest reviews/punts were done in 4-5 days and before Lindsey I had been punting for a total of 16 hrs+ the last 4-5 days and now my cock wasn't being cooperative. I had been so much looking forward to seeing Lindsey and now I feared the punt would turn into disaster. Had forseen that something could happen, so I went into the bathroom and took a Cialis that I had brought with me just in case.

While I was restoring my strength, Lindsey brought out some new toys she had bought earlier that day. First I  got to fuck her with a see through glass dildo and then went for a larger one that she seemed to enjoy. Got to do a bit more kissing, before I went down to taste her pussy. One thing must be said about her pussy and that is that Lindsey got the wettest pussy I have ever experienced. It must be pretty obvious that she absolutely loves having sex. Started to finger her pussy with one finger, then two fingerer before I ended up with two fingers in her pussy and one in her ass. Felt so great I could have gone on forever. Also got to try for my first time rimming another girl and was in my usual horny mood so I put my tongue up her ass as well. Lindsey was now using a vibrator on her clit while she was fingering herself to an orgasm. So great watching her orgasm and sad that my cock had nothing to do with it.

Time for some more of her great DT to get my cock up againg and I was relieved to see that I should now be able to fuck her. On with the condom and thank God I was now able to maintain erection. Started with Lindsey riding me in cowgirl position and finally I got to feel the inside of her tight pussy. I wanted to fuck her in mish position, so entered her while I kept her legs on my shoulder. Altered between her legs on my shoulders and spreading her legs to the side while fucking her. Soon she asked if I wanted to fuck her in the ass and the answer to that question was obvious. Went for doggie position and it felt so fucking great slamming against her perfect ass. I assume due to the Cialis I felt like I could just go on forever. Kept fucking her ass and pussy in different positions and even managed to get side stich, probably due to drinking a lot of water and the hard work fucking her :)

Lindsey now brought another of the toys she had just bought, a suction cup dildo. She attached it to the mirror and was fucking herself while giving me another proper deep throath. Just awsome looking in the mirror while she was fucking herself and DT'ing me. We did this for a while before I was fucking her again against the mirror. Started to think what the couple in the room next door what say if they knew what was going on :)

We had now been fucking for quite some time and wanted so bad to cum for Lindsey. Got back to the bed and while Lindsey was using a vibrator and fingering herself I was giving wanking myself by her face. She looked so fucking hot and I went on wanking myself like a mad man. Finally I felt it was soon time to cum and I let Lindsey know. Just as I felt my cum flowing up my cock I could hear that Lindsey was about to come as well. We had so much luck with timing as we both managed to somehow synchronize and we both came at the same time. I shot my load into her mouth and we both had to lie down after being exhausted.

I can confirm that Lindsey is no clock watcher and that we went slightly over time. I am now a member of the Lindsey fan club and just wonder when I can see her again. It is impossible to find anyone British/or other nationality for this amount of money and delivering such services

Would I visit again : YES. There is no doubt that I MUST book Lindsey again.

Would I recommend : I would highly recommend Lindsey.

64 review(s) found for Lindsey_xxx linked to in above post (64 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Good review John.

I see you enjoyed your trip to England.

I'm sure you will be back again.


Offline john_n

Had a great time and I'll be back earlier than first planned :)

Offline Clooney


I've been trying to fix up a time with her for coming up to a week now and whilst she's really polite and excellently suggestve in her comms back, I'm still no further forward!

I'm just hoping she gets round ro replying to me soon, because our early exchanges promised good things.

I'm jealous of you guys!...

Offline Mr Br1ghts1de

Great review John.

I'm glad the pill, not to mention Lindsey, did the trick  :thumbsup:

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