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Author Topic: Apple, House of Divine  (Read 905 times)

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Offline drwho

£70 / 30 mins. OWO and CIM included.

I first became aware of Apple on the LMP schedule, but never got to party with her there.
Only recently found out she does the odd shifts in either of the 2 London House of Divines, so took the opportunity.

Never been to H.O.D in any of it's incarnations before. Was slightly put off by what I've read on here about back to back bookings and people being short changed with their time. Also suspected there may be a few Extras piled on top on the basic price. Thankfully all my fears were proved unfounded.

Went to HOD2 between Pimlico and Victoria. Called them in the morning (phonelines open from 10am) and booked my preferred afternoon slot.
It's a very anonymous basement flat on a terraced street. I did wonder if the builders on the property next door had figured out what the flat was used for, but who cares anyway.

I was concerned about shower time being taken away. I asked them this on the phone earlier and was told to turn up 5 minutes early and everything should be fine. In the end I was about 12 minutes early. I was shown to the empty room and directed to the shower which was the next room along the corridor. They brought me a drink and left me to it.
As I was going in the shower Apple came past. I said hello and definitely liked what I saw.

Post shower she wasn't in the room though, so gave me a bit longer to gather my thoughts and sip my drink.
She came in the room on the dot at the arranged booking time and wasted no time in stripping off and kissing me.

As has been mentioned elsewhere, she has a bit of a stretch mark on her stomach and her face is very slightly pimply, but she is a very sexy petite South East Asian young woman all the same, the type that really does it for me.
What followed was I felt very good service by a good looking enthusiastic girl.

No limits on what I wanted to do. RO, DFK, OWO and CIM all accepted and convincingly 'enjoyed'.
Managed to slide a small finger into that cute asshole of hers a couple of times. Fucked her pussy while keeping my finger in there. She returned a finger in my prostate. Both of us consented before any fingers got in there.
Her profile says no Anal. I'm yet to try it, but maybe some day when a sufficiently filthy girl comes along...

She didn't swallow my CIM, but she obliged when I asked her to show me my contents before emptying into a towel.

After that I was grateful that there was no Cum Once policy.
I generally consider a massage a bit of a waste of time nowadays, but I got a good back cracking for a few minutes before turning back over and enjoying that body and plenty of kissing.

Didn't manage a 2nd pop as it went, but had plenty of fun trying, so no problem on that front.

Booking ended promptly at the 30 minute mark. No knock on the door or alarm or anything. Of course I would have been happy to continue but couldn't complain in anyway.
Finished with a second shower. No sign of any other punters or girls apart from Apple and the girl on the door.

While £70 is at least £10 more than I would usually be happy to spend for 30 mins the fact that Apple was so enthusiastic, and willing easily made the extra £10 seem money well spent.

Offline Mr Br1ghts1de

Glad you had an excellent time with Apple. I'm not surprised.

She was one of my favourite girls at LMP and the only girl I have seen 121 outside of LMP. She really is keen to deliver a great service. Great to know that is still the case.

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