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Author Topic: Firts punt in Glasgow  (Read 534 times)

Allright guys!

Can anyone recommend the perfect escort for a first time punt in Glasgow?
I've been through everyone on adult work & escort Scotland and I cant decide whose genuine/fake/trustworthy etc.

I'm looking for a mature woman and preferably a BBW or someone with a bit extra on them

Cheers guys!

Offline bensonhedges20

Theres a few tourers from manchester who are all bbwish.

Try jade or someone similar as there seems to be a few

Most of the BBWish girls are genuine as theycant do much else

Prefer slimmer girls but i believe jade is still in glasgow on and off and seems to have a considerble level of feedback.

I recall she had a relaxed two hour special if your nervous and want a longer time though i wouldnt reccomend more than an hour. Saying that, the chubbier girls in real life i know cant stop talking
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