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Author Topic: Filthy talk and roleplay  (Read 786 times)

Offline Uniformad

I am a big fan of roleplay and a girl talking utter filth but they are a rare commodity. A lot advertised they roleplay but can't actually do this apart from the dressing in a uniform or what ever roleplay is required. As for the utter filthy talk this always seems a let down.  has anyone had any experience of this and who would be your recommendations ?

Offline Uniformad

Wow over 150 views and not one reply, does that mean I'm the only person who has read this actually likes this ???

Offline sasha xxx

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If you contact the agency and tell them what role play u want. They will be able to direct you to the best wg for u. X

Offline Darlobloke

Try francesca from nne she is pure filth! She is mature but a good run out!

Offline chesterlad

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