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Author Topic: Brianna delice  (Read 1388 times)

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So I made the cardinal error of being sucked in by stunning photos, good 'likes' list and £100/hour.

I turned up for the meet to be greeted by a surly but cute blonde. When I entered the flat she seemed to perk up a bit and so I figured she might just be nervous. Extras were immediately thrown into the mix, OWO, fk, not good. I paid and extra £20 for OWO which turned out to be a complete waste of money. She did a strange thing that I've never seen a wg do before. She tried to imitate OWO but was hiding the end of my cock with her hand. This went on for all of 1 minute when she put a condom on and proceeded to give me a fairly decent covered blowjob, .. For about a minute. Then she jumped on top of me CG and started to fuck me.. This wasn't actually too bad, she is very cute and looked quite nice bouncing up and down on my cock but then as she leaned forward I went to suck on her nipple and she immediately moved away from me, climbed off and suggested another position. TBH, I'm quite pissed off by this point, resigned to a robotic shag and looking forward to leaving. So a bit of mish and almost immediately she's going 'baby you need to Cum'. It was at this point that I did actually tell her that this was shit and that it actually takes me more that 30 seconds of oral and 2 minutes of fairly crap sex to shot my load. I managed to convince her to refund some cash, got dressed and left. I've had some bad punts in my time as I'm sure we all have but this was the worst one in ten years. Avoid.

1 review(s) found for brianna delice linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Sorry you had a bad punt she does look tasty though but after reading reviews and from my own experience of Romanian girls. I would have given her a miss. But Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Dude, I should know better but the pictures were worth a go, or so I thought. TBH, I half expected her to look legit but be fairly shit on service as Romanian girls often are but the level of shitenes exceeded all expectations. It's a shame because she is actually very cute. Hopefully the texts we exchanged (I have tried to explain to her the deficiencies in the service provided when compared to the service advertised)after I left have opened her eyes to what people expect for their money.  If she gets her shit together she could be ok but I just got the impression she doesn't enjoy fucking random people which is kind of a requirement in this line of work.

Put one down to experience.

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