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Author Topic: Tempted?  (Read 853 times)


It's the main profile pic vs the description which makes a point of highlighting her "LOVELY SMILE" that does it for me.

Forgive me and my sarcasm.

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Offline Hantsolo

That's just put me off my lunch!!!

She states "I am here to make your any dream come true".  I suggest you do the decent thing FG and TOFTT, then report back with either living the dream or living the nightmare  :drinks:

Honestly, H&L, I'm struggling to hold myself back but did notice that... "I'M ON THE HOLIDAYS!!!" So I'm just going to have to sit tight for now.  :rolleyes:

Careful FG she looks like the type of WG that could eat you alive. Build up your strength and see if she comes back from hols with a sun tan.  If you go missing from the forum, we will know  who has done for you  :lol:

I suspect a few have already met a painful and grisly end. But it's actually a great cover for a mass murderer. I mean... who'd know the punter was ever in her place aside from her?  :unknown:

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