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Author Topic: The most girls you have fucked in one day?  (Read 2460 times)

Not counting LMP, 5 at a swingers hotel in Germany. Do two one night stands in 24hrs count? This was not holiday.

4...a duo at Edinburgh's Blair Street Sauna followed by a brisk walk down to London Street for a couple more bookings and successfully popped on all occasions.
It was a while ago mind you..these days the walk would knacker me never mind the girls!

Offline the_exile

2 or 3 not sure, it's the memory that goes first you know. Still on my bucket list to try for as many as possible in one day.

 :D only 2 for me - but I like the idea of seeing how many is possible in one day!

Offline adindas

If the intention is to fuck as many girls as possible in one day a party is the place to go ... This is especially true if you are on tight budget ...

I have fucked more than ten gilrs in 12 hours party/flat rates in Germany and all of that just cost me around EUR 100.
But I did not cum 10 times.

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The most I've done in a parlour in the same day is five.

On a separate day I have done two indies.

Offline con-a-ser

Six for me

but all 30 min bookings from 11am - 2am so over 14hrs

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