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Author Topic: Daria - Wembley Park/Neasden  (Read 1249 times)

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Offline NightKid

www.adultwork.com/2705601 or www.adultwork.com/D%2Edaria. Formerly www.adultwork.com/2470537 or www.adultwork.com/daria%5Fangel1990
Sigh, another one that has me caught between a rock and a hard place. Oh well, here we go ...

I'll begin by disclosing a couple of my potential faults which, could have influenced the punt or, more importantly, may be used against me in the event that this review is challenged by her.

a) Negotiated a 45 min rate and somewhat strong-armed her into including OWO, as I implied in my text that I was fine with going elsewhere if she didn't want my business.
b) After she texted her address, I pushed forward the appointed time by an hour (which she was okay with) but I still arrived late by 15 mins.
c) I didn't specify how deep kissing should be.

Location: Area in between Wembley Park & Neasden station. 10 to 15 mins walk from Wembley Park so I would suggest taking the bus as there's a stop just outside her current place.
Services received (in order): teasing, tit-play, light catbath, light kissing, light OWO, OW, RO, cowgirl, mish, massage.

+ Comms were fast enough.
+ Girl in the pictures. She used to display face pics but even the one that was a little blurred was removed recently ... so as a point of reference, she's your typical 8-9/10 Romanian beauty.
+ Vital stats on profile are accurate, though I'm not sure how breast sizes are measured so I'd say she looked like a nice C cup.
+ As mentioned in her only previous review, she opens with this teasing routine (rubbing bodies & crotches with underwear on + lightly licking & kissing everywhere) which I found very sexy.
+ Oral was next after that. She started by doing light OWO (lightly pop-sucking the head of my penis) but then switched to OW, which was noticeably deeper.
+ Was initially reluctant to let me do RO. But when it was eventually allowed ... she got extremely into it, i.e. head-crushing-thighs + deathgrip-on-my-arms level responsive.
+ Her cowgirl technique is interesting. Instead of the simple up & down movement, she grinds into your cock with a forward-backward/circular motion.
+ We maintained eye contact in everything except RO, mish, and massage, coupled with smiles and giggles throughout, which added to the overall stimulation factor.
+ Speaking of massage, hers was not bad.

~ Kissing was open mouthed pecks with little tongue.
~ Was willing to permit an attempt at round 2 but, since it was nearly half an hour into the session, she mentioned if I could pull it off in 10+ mins. I declined & opted for the massage instead.
~ As much as I enjoyed them, almost all the services received had some sort of catch ... from light kissing to light OWO. Hence the main reason for this review's neutral rating.
~ The above point got me thinking if this reluctance to fully commit to the act is a culture issue, and if she's concealing that discomfort with her teasing routine.
    Still a hell of a routine though, and credit to her for at least trying to provide what I requested.

- Very basic English.
- Didn't use any form of lubricant when she rubbed her body against mine, which made it feel awkward and dry hump-y at times. Told her she should, but it seems she didn't want any on her.
- Placed her hand on the base of my dick as I was about to start mish, presumably to prevent full penetration ... oddly enough, she ended up lifting it anyway.

Would I recommend? Yes, if you temper your expectations and don't mind light kissing & just going for OW outright.
Would I return? If she adjusted her prices to match the level of service she provides, in a heartbeat.
Final thoughts: I'm quite torn to have to rate her a neutral, simply because she did not perform the services I wanted to my expectations.
She bears certain hallmarks of the typical Romanian WG, but I'd still put her head & shoulders above her lesser compatriots due to the effort she makes.

P.S. Sorry about the FK, smiths.  :(

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Offline Mr Br1ghts1de

Thanks for sharing and sorry to hear it wasn't an overall Positive.

The depths of her OWO & OW seem too calculated to me. Her profile states that she charges £40 (!) extra for Deep Throat. That certainly seems typically Romanian.

Not one for me I feel, despite her hot looks.

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