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Author Topic: _SweetMONIQUE_  (Read 1628 times)

32 review(s) for _SweetMONIQUE_ (29 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline UberX


I saw SM a couple of days ago.

Comms & location: it was getting to mid afternoon while I was relaxing by the pool at Bannatynes Gym, reading UKP reviews. I'd been here before and ended up going to Horns instead of punting due to WG unavailability. Determined not to let this happen this time I sent a speculative SMS to SM. Surprisingly got an immediate text back - she was available in an hour and twenty. One stop on the tube and I'm walking up Greys Inn Road. Killed the next 50 mins in a pub. 5 min delay to get into her place. Comms all by text and clear. Her room more than adequate. My only beef was it was a little dark. Bathroom tiny but functional.

SM: she opened the door wearing a sleeveless dress. I think West's description of her is accurate, along the lines of a horny city banker type. Handed over the dosh, showered and straight into DFK while standing, reaching around to feel SM's and arse and pussy. Also rubbed her puss through her Knickers. SM went down on her knees and proceeded to Oral Without. Very good technique. Then a first for me - while sucking she reached around my ass cheeks with both hands and pulled me towards her and held it while she DT me. Fantastic,  one of the advantages of having a small cock.

We proceeded onto the bed for another bout of DFK with me working my way down to her tits. Very responsive nips and the get quite long when aroused. Headed further South to her shaved pussy (for some reason thought she might have a Brazilian or landing strip) for some serious lapping. SM must have strong orgasams or is a member of Equity - she was bucking about grinding her pussy into my face.

Time for penetration and started in mish with DFK. SM has mirrors running along one side of the bed which gives a different lens to view your performance through. I was getting a bit knackered so being a gent I suggested she did some work with Cowgirl. Talk about energetic. I thought we were going to end up out the window. Too much for me so got her to dismount as the sap was on the way. Just managed to get the Mac off before a Facial/CIM combo.

Chatted away the remainder of the time. She has a very warm, easy going personality.

I like to go through post punt withdrawal via a beer preferably surrounded by semi naked girls at the Griffin/Brown's/Horns etc. This was no different and being two stops to Old St it would be rude not to visit. Next day I was getting into a cab and felt a pain at the base of my cock. Yep, SM's energetic cowgirl had bruised my pubic bone. Don't know how the WG's can take the relentless pounding especially with punters like HornyDevil.

well done Excalibur glad you have enjoyed Monique too.  :)
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32 review(s) found for _SweetMONIQUE_ linked to in above post (29 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline UberX

Sign of the times brothers ... and it sucks.

This past week:

Sweet Monique: 100 - 120 (+20%)
Brazilian Mel: 150 - 200 (+33%)
Sexy Tayla: 80 - 120 (+50%)
Gina Love: 100 - 130 (+30%) (probably 150 after password posts his review).

It's our fault for collectively running to book them all.  :(

Tayla was originally £100/hr  I remember it was not £80/hour any time before :)
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Offline marty_mcfly


Well done. I was about to write a few positive reviews but if girls hike up their prices via such reviews, then I am not doing so. No more reviews from me, at least until this escort hyper-inflation settles down.
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I've spent most of my day trying to set up a new punt, 8 different calls and no joy  :dash:

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