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Author Topic: Franchesca Cumslut - Limehouse  (Read 3160 times)

7 review(s) for Franchesca SweetLips (6 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]


This is a review for a meeting that took place earlier this year. For reasons that will hopefully become apparent, I didn't write it straight away.

I arranged the meeting in advance via email and phone, and it all went smoothly, she sounded friendly on the phone and was easy to talk to. She sent me the full address straight away, by text, so I was able to check it out on google maps.

Then on the day (2.5 hours before the agreed time), I got a text asking me to put the booking back 30 minutes. Slightly annoying, but I had no real reason to object, I had nothing else planned.

Eventually I headed over to her address, arrived a little early, and strolled around until I got another text saying sorry, she'd be another 10 minutes. Ho hum.

10 minutes passed and I called. No reply. Tried again several times with the same result, so, feeling somewhat pissed off, I went for a drink in the pub over the road from her place and started to think about a Plan B.

Eventually, and before I'd come up with anything, she phoned me and asked if I was still around, so I supped up and popped over.

Another girl answered the door fully clothed in casual wear, let me in, and showed me into a large, smart, clean and tidy bedroom, saying that Franchesca would be with me soon (I later discovered that this was Jessica Prado).

A few minutes passed and Franchesca arrived looking very sexy in a long black see-thru split dress, just as in her profile pic. She apologised for the delay, claiming that she'd just been doing girl-things, shopping and getting her hair done (no, I didn't believe it either). I followed her into another clean and tidy bedroom, this one en suite, and we proceeded to get acquainted…

I'd say that she probably is the girl in the photos but maybe 10 years older. This was not a bad thing for me - if anything she's slimmer than the photos, but older in the face, still perfectly attractive (and much younger than me). I was very happy with the way she looked.

She was friendly and funny, apologised quite a lot for the delays and certainly let me stay for longer than the agreed hour. She seemed like a fun girl.

I showered and then joined her on the bed. Stripping her off, I discovered that she does have good boobs and a great bum. There was quite a lot of oral both ways, 69, deep throat and (mild) face fucking, and loads of sex in lots of positions on and off of the bed. She's particularly good in cowgirl and doggy.

I asked about CIM, and she laughed, saying it was extra (yes, I should have asked earlier, I know, but you'd think it was on the cards from a 'cumslut'). It's not a deal-breaker for me anyway, so I was perfectly happy to come while fucking her (covered, of course).

I'm sure there was DFK too, but I'm not really sure. I think I'd remember if she didn't kiss, so I'm guessing that she did, but it wasn't a full-on snog.

A little chat, and another shower, at no time did I feel rushed. I think I left 20-25 minutes after time, in fact.

I wasn't 100% sure how to rate this at first. It certainly shouldn't be negative - I had a bloody good time! Neutral maybe after the delays? But, this was a really good, active, sweaty fuck after some pretty intense oral, with a hot-looking girl. That's how I remember it, and therefore I think it's a positive.

7 review(s) found for Franchesca SweetLips linked to in above post (6 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Online Lance

Good review, thanks. Bit pricey but will look to book her if i'm feeling fruity.

A well balanced review.

When I saw her in Torquay, before xmas, (reviewed), she was a good punt. I would see her again if she pops down this way again.

Offline mrx007

She's fucking horny. A little bit over-priced imho, i.e. £100 half hour with CIM but sure is a sexy fucker.

Offline tazz

Not mentioned it on her profile

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