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Author Topic: Stupid Sergei!!!  (Read 702 times)

Offline big-al93

How dumb is Sergei!!! Was reading a post by tazman and clicked through a link to viva street, and one of the first profiles I saw was this, looked cute so opened it up. Now being quite new to this I do not know how to do reverse image search or any of the other clever things you guys know about to weed out the fakes but even I don't think many potential punters are going to fail to notice that these are stolen pictures, it's Bree Olsen FFS!!!!


Or maybe the question should be how dumb does Sergei think we are?

Offline big-al93

Just proves that these forums are watched by all sorts, just over an hour later they are gone.

Offline JJM

Just google the phone number and you get the photos, whether they are of Fanny Bree Olsen I'm not sure

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