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Author Topic: EnglishPhoebe- Heathrow  (Read 774 times)

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Offline BadT

A somewhat belated review, so apologies for that, but Phoebe was my first punt for about 8 months due to an enforced lay off and I hadn't stumbled across UKP when I met her. Still, I had a good time so thought my experience was worth sharing.


https://www.adultwork.com/2461494 or https://www.adultwork.com/EnglishPhoebe


Booked a couple of weeks in advance of her coming on her Heathrow tour mid December. Emails were answered quickly. I was asked to text her on the morning of the meet before 10.30 to confirm, which I did and received a prompt response giving the details of the hotel she was staying in.


A budget hotel just off Junction 4 of the M4. Parking was available, but I took a cab as I fancied having a drink with her.


2 hours at £250


Pheobes pictures are an accurate representation of her, and her claimed height of 5'10" is about right. Shes tall- very tall actually. Im 5' 11" and in her heels she towered over me. I asked her to wear the outfit she has on in her gallery picture dated 18/12/14 and she didn't disappoint. She has a perfectly sculpted and well proportioned size 10 body, coupled with the wonderfully radiant porcelain shine that only redheads have. Her breasts were also much larger in the flesh which was an added bonus. She also has a well spoken southern accent with a slight lisp (shes from around Dover way IIRC). My only complaints (and Im being really picky here) were that her hair was a bit short for my liking and her tattoos didn't do anything for me. She would look far better with her hair shoulder length or longer IMO, and while I didn't find the tats offputting they weren't particularly flattering either.


The cab arrived early for once, so I was at the hotel approx. 10 minutes before the scheduled time. I called Phoebe to say I was outside, and as luck would have it she was ready to see me so I headed up to the room. When the door opened, I was greeted by the most stunning scantily clad flame haired Valkyrie. She really did take my breath away, and I entered the room with a stupid grin on my face. I had to look up during our welcoming kiss which was a first for me.

Paperwork sorted, I opened a bottle of Prosecco Id bought with me and we began to chat as we shared it. This brings me on to Phoebes personality as there are a few points to note- she is sharp, articulate, extremely intelligent and very good company. Shes also very feisty, and takes absolutely no shit from anyone which I really like. We actually ended up chatting for far longer than I normally would, but I enjoyed the conversation and if I was that bothered Id have initiated proceedings sooner.

Drinks finished, we began to kiss. Phoebe is an excellent kisser- we started with lips only with ever increasing pressure and then the FK started with our tongues getting progressively deeper and more passionate. We undressed each other as we kissed, and once naked I felt compelled to spend some time worshipping Phoebes fantastic body. She responds well to kissing and caressing, and her nipples nice and sensitive. She has a beautiful shaved pussy and was very responsive to RO and fingering and I stayed down there until she came.

She then returned the favour, and her OWO is very good indeed. She began slow and shallow, working on the head of my cock before becoming more urgent and increasing the depth in her mouth, all the while utilising excellent hand movements. I came close to shooting my load after a few minutes of this, but wanted to fuck her first so stopped her and got the rubber on.

I lay on my back as Phoebe mounted me, and I was pleasantly surprised at how tight she was. She rode me very well, with increasing speed and intensity as we were kissing passionately. I really enjoyed that part.

Rolling her onto her back, we then went at it in mish. I had her legs over my shoulders, and to be honest Im surprised she didn't put a hole in the ceiling- her legs really are that long!

We then went to doggy, and were soon in the perfect rhythm of her backing onto me as I was fucking her. It looked and felt that good we carried on doing this before I shot my load. We still had about 15 minutes to go, and after a quick clean up and some more kissing I went down on her again until she came. We then got dressed while having a good laugh and chat and I left a happy man.


A superb GFE delivered by an intelligent, feisty and attractive woman. Anyone after anything kinky or hardcore should look elsewhere, but for a sensual vanilla GFE Phoebe really delivers.


Accurate pictures, great FK/DFK and OWO. A nice tight pussy and responsive during RO and sex.


Chatted a bit too much, but was my first punt for quite a while so I was equally culpable. Shes also based in Derby which is nowhere near me.


For a vanilla GFE, absolutely.


Yes, and she said she was planning another tour down south around May/June time this year so will keep an eye out.

18 review(s) found for EnglishPhoebe linked to in above post (16 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

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