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Author Topic: Pandora-English  (Read 1099 times)

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Offline kazred


This girl bid on my RB last Sunday and all arranged and failed to make contact on the day........sent apologies a day later about her friend being over (why bid then).....Anyhow's she also bid for my today meet and again all agreed and sure as night follows day she has just pulled out as 'not that well'....Luckily being an experienced punter I already had another gameplan (a 3 some that hopefully works well)......

Avoid - a timewaster who seems to just bid for the sake of it....

I would have deleted her bid but wanted to make certain before posting a negative.......

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Offline MrFluffy

I had a very similar experience and although we did not meet (I had to cancel with 3 hours notice) I found her to be aggressive, rude and threatening.
Banning reason: Troll

She has done this to me also. Contacted me three days later to apologise!

Offline Bilbao

She has done this to me also. Contacted me three days later to apologise!

she has done it to me more than once now and yet she confirmed the booking each time thru aw meaning I could easily leave negative feedback - can't be bothered so just deleted her now / plenty of fish in the sea :)

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