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Author Topic: Any info?  (Read 420 times)

Anyone know anything about this lady?

Sorry having trouble inserting the links from AW.


In view of the information on here I doubt I'll be  contacting this agency but I wonder if she is an escort and if so if she works elsewhere or independently?

I searched on the name but couldn't see anything.

Many thanks
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Offline Trelf

Banning reason: Touting agency, Trolling others who post negatives about that agency and slagging off UKPunting using different identity

Offline Sar-Major

I tried phoning the agency a couple of times yesterday morning, as I wanted a punt with her. Alas all I got was voice mail. :( :(

Offline johnny34

Adore/Elite is the agency of the 'chest sitter'. Never noticed an 'independent' profile for her.

Offline Sar-Major

The "Chest Sitter" could you enlighten me please


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