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Author Topic: Any suggestions for Guildford - young and petite?  (Read 944 times)

Offline realist

Hi all

Don't usually look for meetings in Guildford area so unsighted on who is available but may be there at the end of March. I will do my searches on AW and UKP before then but grateful for any recommendations for a young and petite WG.

thanks for any help.

Certainly your time is more precious than mine. Watch this space after I have done hours of reseaech for you. FFS, at least post a shortlist  :hi:

Offline thekman100

there is a lot of rotation in Guildford. Lots of romanians, NOT all bad, i've had some good punts but often mediocre. I hate it when 'A' levels depends on size....which basically means no.

sorry, back on track, having done another search and seen who is available, no, not really any young and petite who is permanent in G Town that I know. sorry.

I've posted about hooot alice on another thread, she is currently in woking and sometimes does guildford, she fits that profile. read her threads, make your own mind on her, for me she is a massive thumbs up.

ps. sweetsexypaige is nice, not slim as such but a sweet lady.

Offline realist

thanks I couldn't find a lot either. Will have  a look at both your suggestions. Thanks for your help And H&L it was not about doing the search but wondered if anyone had any choices out of experience, which is what I thought this was partly about (UKP that is).

Thanks both for you help and time to comment. 

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