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Author Topic: new to punting in London... best hotels?  (Read 1194 times)

Hello everyone,

I have decided to give punting a try, and I am currently based in London.
At first I'd rather try outcalls as I am not very keen in going to random places, and I was wondering if there is a list of hotels in Central London who are not going to create any hassles if I want to invite girls over.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Which area of London are you looking into booking into a hotel? which area in particular?

Which area of London are you looking into booking into a hotel? which area in particular?

Anywhere Central... I want to consider this punting experience as short holidays, so I am not opposed to spend a bit on the hotel as well.

Offline Sedlmayer

As you have now read the other thread you will now realise that it is not in our interests to name hotels on the open forum as it may end up with their head offices worrying about their image and forcing increased security.

Please bear this in mind - PM messages are best for this sort of information.  :thumbsup:

Offline west8

These hotels are very punter friendly:

The Duke of York on Mount Street, W1
The Doubletree just off Edgware Road, W2
The Grange Heritage on Eastbourne Terrace, W2
The Plaza Fitzrovia, WC1
The Clarendon Hotel, SW7

Note to Sedlmayer: none of the above hotels actually exist, so calm down Old Boy. :drinks:

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Offline Anadin

Just book into any big anonymous hotel chain. No one is gonna have any clue what you're doing if the hotel has 150+ rooms and tourists constantly moving through the lobby and no one really cares. If you're lucky she'll be able to get straight up to your room without any problems but worst case scenario is that you have to escort her up.

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