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at the same address that busty anita uses but the service somewhat poor. the coms were good and assumed her spoken english would also be good. arrived, into the room and there was some confusion over how long i wanted she didn't seem to understand 30 minutes until she entered it into her phone and showed me.   then she said she was very tired two or three times and she looked it. this put me off and i almost walked.

the whole 30 mins she only touched my cock no kissing, caressing, minimal eye contact. infact i struggled to stay hard she attempted to ride me but the old chap let me down so she sucked me off and this was a struggle. finally came after 20 mins she went into the bathroom to spit  and i got dressed. she sounded like she had a bad cold really laboured breathing and when i asked her she said something about operation. maybe that was lost in translation.
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Thanks for the review - Kimmy has just turned up in my town and i was tempted until i engaged brain and searched for her number on here.

Thanks for saving me £60  :hi:

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