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Author Topic: Trixylixy69 Adultwork  (Read 715 times)

Opinions on this profile? There's a visible verification pic but looks like a different but still decent looking girl.
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I guess it cpuld be the same girl, it's hard to tell.
messaged her earlier today, but  nothing back

Offline johnny34

Possibly same girl but with dyed hair?

Offline Looking4fun

I'm always a bit wary of new girls who post full face photos but it does look like the same girl with maybe a hair piece

I think she is genuine.
She isn't based in Newcastle but coming on the 15th March.

Offline Looking4fun

trawling the aw pages today & seen a girl who looks a lot like her but most photos were more like facebook selfie photos i'm not 100% sure but if its not shes got a double  i tried to post her profile on here but its been removed the name was royal then some numbers

Offline Looking4fun

just checked on my mobile i'd put her in my hl & it still shows on there royal4793 pretty sure its the same girl

Part of me agrees. They are very similar.
trixy has a mark of some sort on her chest and no tattoos. So I don't think it's the same girl. Unless someone is playing photo shop games

Actually I am not so sure. I think royal had a different girl in the gallery too.  I think I will stay away

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