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Author Topic: Isabel_Escort - Bristol based  (Read 599 times)

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Offline rumbler

https://www.adultwork.com/2003776 | https://www.adultwork.com/Isabel%5FEscort | http://www.escortisabel.co.uk/

Booked Isabel for a 3hr outcall.  Comms great, has a nice body and is quite attractive.  She provided OWO that I had requested, does FK, and doesn't clock watch.  She was discrete when arriving.
Those are the main positives of the punt, the rest are either negative or left me with a 'meh' feeling.

Contacted me day before punt to ask to schedule it earlier, by 2 hours.  Not fantastic, but I agreed.  Day of the punt she phoned me 1.5hrs before the time, while on route, to say she'd be 40 minutes early.

The photos are definitely NOT accurate.  I wasn't expecting exactly as shown as they are clearly professional photos and photoshopped.  Whoever did the photoshopping must be working alongside James Cameron to produce the photos based on the reality.
She is brunete, tattooed, and has fake tan. 

Had agreed by email she'd bring uniforms, however she then said she'd left them in the car.  Wouldn't go to get them, 2min walk, so obviously didn't have any uniforms.  Instead she wore very average sexy underwear. 

Breasts, while nice to look at when she's vertical, are obviously fake.  Too sensitive to be touched and nipples a no-go.  When on her back they didn't look as nice.  Not a breast man myself, so not too important for me.

Spent a lot of her time responding to messages on her phone, said it was her mother, but who knows.  Definitely not good.  Made me lose interest a few times and have to get hard again.

Also not discrete when in my place, was often stood naked in the window with curtains open messing with phone.  The window faces directly into road with neighbours opposite.  Anyone walking by would get a full view (road level with upstairs), or neighbours on otherside would see what was going on.

Blowjob was very average, not bad but I've had much much better.

Couldn't do 69 for very long as she complains her arms hurt and doesn't like the position.
She also seems to not like receiving oral, even though said it was ok.  Going near her clit with tongue or touching pussy with hand got a scalded cat type response, so I gave up.

Her position of choice was doggy, although she can't take much of a pounding before having to take a break.  Same with missionary.  So again lost interest in having to wait for her to be ready each time, and then making myself hard.  She wasn't very motivated in helping me get hard, mostly just lay there and lazily touched now and then.

Managed two pops, but mostly because I didn't want to waste that amount of money on just one.

Overpriced for the service, inaccurate profile and website.

Nice enough girl, but definitely wouldn't book again.

Considered negative, but as I've had a lot worse and she was at least friendly and attractive settled on this being a neutral.

1 review(s) found for Isabel_Escort linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

1 review(s) found for Isabel_Escort linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline SirFrank

Neutral? Really? Sounds like a negative punt to me
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very expensive! way over my limit. where is she from?

Offline rumbler

I didn't pay her full rate she advertises.  She travelled a fair distance to where I am based, and including travelling the price was still below what she advertises.

I did consider putting it as a negative, however because she did actually provide the main services I was interested in without having to be asked and didn't come up with any excuses as to why she wouldn't provide them, I decided it was neutral.

As I said, I've had far worse punts and this one was much better than those hence for me only a neutral rather than a negative.

Offline rumbler

very expensive! way over my limit. where is she from?

She's English, but actual area I'm unsure of.  Very plain accent, with no county markers that I could pick up on.

Offline nigel4498

She bid on my RB once and I almost accepted her bid mainly due to the photos, luckily a local pro$$ie bid and I accepted her instead.
Looks like  I had a lucky escape.

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