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Author Topic: Libby Lush Colchester  (Read 1297 times)

Offline Neal69

Did a search on here but cannot find anything.

Anyone had the pleasure or otherwise?

 https://www.adultwork.com/1946457 or https://www.adultwork.com/Libby%5Flush

Been in my HL for a while now.

Seems to log in frequently and has a string of regular feedbacks.

Any info


I had an hour with her just over a year ago. She is a very pleasant lady, came over as a bit nervous at first and I had to take the lead rather more than I would have wished. She is certainly genuine and it was what I would describe as a "regulation punt". Absolutely no complaints but the fact that I have not paid her a second visit suggests it was not overly special. She has a nice house on an estate quite close to a large store in the north end of Colchester. In sum, a genuinely nice girl who can be relied upon and the fact it was not that memorable could well be my fault rather than hers.

Give her a call and see what she sounds like is my advice.


Offline Neal69

Thanks OJ,

I may well give her a visit.

 :drinks: :drinks:

I tried to arrange something earlier this year but she said she wasnt working at the time. Let us know if shes taking bookings.

Same here, emailed her to book but didn't get a reply! Let me know if you have any luck, not sure whether to take it personal or not  :cry:

Did you ever get anywhere with her?

Offline Neal69

Not tried yet.

Will probably give it a try towards the end of this month.

Offline Neal69

You sure that's her as her old profile is still active?

Offline Neal69

Oh well that's her scratched from the HL then.

Not really into pregnant. :scare:

Thanks for the info  :drinks: :drinks:

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