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Author Topic: Nicole Amazing - Golders Green / North London  (Read 1699 times)

11 review(s) for Nicole Amazing. (8 positive, 0 neutral, 3 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline darkdeep

One my best punts ever with Nicole Amazing


Good room (with GREAT mirrors) in a nice apartment block - 5 mins walk from Golders Green station or free parking (not between 11am-12 noon).

Maid at door as you leave shoes etc.

Booked Nicole for 90 mins.
She came in  - exactly as her pics (pvt gallery no3, 11 and 16 are the pics that most resemble).

She's short size 8 with slightly afro hair, sparkling eyes, playful smile, wonderful breasts and a cute bum. Very friendly, very much girl next door playfulness.
We discussed anal for an extra £20 and she said no problem. Paid money and... she was back in the room in 30 seconds. That's the fastest I've seen. (I HATE hanging around in the room while the girl does whatever with the money - HOD at Milton Keynes were the worst for that.)

Anyway we start kissing.... and I am just loving Nicole... very natural, open, polite and playful...  I grab her bum and say "I can't believe I'm going to fuck your ass" - and she opens her eyes wide and playful and goes "I know!" and then smiles and kisses me again.

And I did fuck her ass. And it was great. The best anal yet for me. :)

We did lots of other stuff too - but mostly
RO - with anal play on her (a lot)
Great cowgirl - she really works it and we both watch in the mirror (plus a finger in her ass).
Back to more OWO
Then more fingering on Nicole
Then she asks me "Would you lick me again?"
 - we're really trying as a joint effort to get her to cum, but she says this doesn't happen easily..... :(
Then RO and work that cute ass again ready for anal.
Which was really the best I've had because it was really sweet horny GFE rather than crazed PSE.
If we'd used more lube I think she would have gone longer than 10-15 mins anal.
Then HJ and OWO to a lovely CIM.
She totally took everything and then I pulled her up to kiss me... and she kept to trying to kiss while holding my junk in her mouth... very cute.

Full 90 mins and great service.

I really liked Nicole because she was completely open, natural, friendly, at ease - sparkling eyes, fresh energy/personality and really likes sex.
Really good "connection-sex"
For me a very very good GFE
Great girl.

Paid: £190 (£160 for 90 mins + £20 anal + £10 CIM)

11 review(s) found for Nicole Amazing. linked to in above post (8 positive, 0 neutral, 3 negative)

Offline The_Don

Thank you for the review.

I've seen Nicole many times and her service has been good every time I visit

Glad you enjoyed  :thumbsup:
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Offline west8

Gotta love any girl who selects such a modest moniker.

She does look damn fine though and the reviews are all glowing except for one.

Thanks OP.

Offline tristen92

Banning reason: STD scaremongering

Offline Sedlmayer

Gotta love any girl who selects such a modest moniker.

She does look damn fine though and the reviews are all glowing except for one.

Thanks OP.

I wouldn't call mine, the Don's and Smiths' reviews glowing exactly. At £80 -£90 per hour she's a decent punt, but the Don's phrase "passive but willing" sums her up.

Offline darkdeep

"passive but willing"
Mileage will vary :)
Nothing passive in the way she rode me. But definitely not in your face PSE.

Offline The_Don

"passive but willing"

Then you may wish to try Vivien @ the same location (seen her a few times as well)


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