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Author Topic: Frequency of punts  (Read 784 times)

Offline Cda1966

i know that if money was no object, most of us would punt more often, but how often does everyone on here actually go and visit

Offline PaintBrush

For your information I try and do one a month.

Save up, a little research, make selection, correspondance, appointment, confirmation and Go For It


Every day would suit me!
However twice a month is my normal limit,  :(

On average one long punt a month.  :hi: If only i have more funds  :sarcastic:

Offline nigel4498

Normally try every two weeks but this year have not had a punt, have the funds but things haven't worked out trying to organise one plus my regular is away.

Offline Jeremy

Once a month, if that. Same as the rest of you, money is an obstacle.

Offline ratty

Ditto.  Try once a month, if funds and days off available (bloody work, eh ;-) ).

once or maybe twice a week, unless i'm getting it free somewhere

Offline PaintBrush

So cad

Dose this answer your question, or are you doing research?

Offline Cda1966

No I was just wondering if my 3 times a week was excessive!!

Offline spkmstr48

Banning reason: Prossie fanboy

Offline JV547845

If I lived in London I could happily punt 3 times a week.  As long as you can afford it and your dick doesn't hurt it's all good

Offline PaintBrush

No I was just wondering if my 3 times a week was excessive!!

Shit man I'm most enviouse.

I wish I had the time, money and will

Offline SirFrank

I'd say that these days I punt about as often as James Patterson releases a new book - every other month(ish). What a fucking shameless money grabbing sellout cunt - Patterson that is.
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Offline Not_today

I went dry for some time and felt the additional money my end was worth having, but every now and again my ability to refrain slips and i end up on a cycle of visiting whores maybe once a week ! Oops.

About 3 times a month for me.
Mostly parlours rather than escorts though because it's sometimes difficult to know in advance when I'll get the chance.

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