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Author Topic: Yulia - Camberwell Latin Angels  (Read 866 times)

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I've never been to a parlor so thought i'd give it a try. I didn't have a lot of time for booking and liked the look of the Latin Angels (http://bit.ly/1EUkHAo) plus there have been some good reports on here about Daniela.

The place was easy to find near the park. Clean rooms on several floors with no furnishings apart from a bed and a heater. Our heater was not working very well.

Comms (with maid/madam) were good but I asked for Daniela and got Yulia. She is pretty, curvy and from Venezuala, so I went along. She asked, "you like?" and I said I did.

I asked to start with a massage to which she agreed but it was clear she had not given one before. Still she managed to cause a stir and I turned over ready for her hot Latin best.

She does not speak a lot of English but she did know how to say, "that's extra," very well. "You want suckie, that's extra." Then I asked if we could try a 69 and she said, "it's extra." In the moment thinking is short term and so I said, "si." She planted her amble rather gorgeous butt in the required position and I enjoyed the moment.

I soldiered on but her general lack of enthusiasm was hard to ignore. The actual fucking was good in that she made roughly the right noises and she was tight and warmer than usual reminding me of the lyrics from the Doors song, "her cunt gripped him like a warm friendly hand," but I shouldn't have been thinking about lyrics.

She went fast and furious and I lost my balance a little too early. We stroked and fondled for a while while I practiced my Spanish. Unusually for me I could not summon the lust the go for another round. Instead the thought of a warm friendly shower seemed more interesting.

I have learnt that if you want a good punting experience go by the recommendations on this board and book ahead using the AW booking system. Then crucially, walk, if things don't seem right or she seems only interested in the paperwork. The trouble with parlors is that there is little incentive for the girls to go to town, connect, make it really good and give you your money's worth. Yulia is only here for three weeks and then back to Caracas, so from her point of view, why bother.

Total of £140 for 40 mins including a very halfhearted massage.

Adiós or more probably, goodbye.

For the record my three favorites are in no particular order -
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Mia in Farringdon was so beautiful I thought I was dreaming: https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=1881630
Naughty Masseuse was funny, randy, game and naughty: https://www.adultwork.com/2364368

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Sorry about this I normally visit Latin angels the girls there are usually  good

Online pumps

Pish sorry to hear that, So you paid up all the extras?  for bog a standard service.

Parlour girls are hit and miss, you really can't go there expecting much....so when you get an indie standard of service from a  parlour girl its all the more rewarding!

Was her body real? her ass looks a bit enhanced to me.

Oh and thanks for the contribution!

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Oh and hopefully this will ease your pain - Daniela looks nothing like her photos, they're probably Ten years old so in my books you  dodged a bullet!

This is she:

Offline NightKid

This reads like a clear negative and there was literally no redeeming qualities, so why the neutral?

Pumps thank you for the advice and photo of Daniela looking very different here from her advertised: http://media-eu.viva-images.com/vivastreet_gb/clad/7d/3/115945552/large/1.jpg?dt=8afeeaee5e2b7123fa85f06681cd5c70

I can't generalize from this experience about all parlor tricks but I went through several pages on this forum and found very few enthusiastic positives, if any from these venues. Instead I noticed walk ups have a better record and agencies better still. Perhaps these are things more experienced punters already know. I am still in the early stages but I have hit the jackpot a couple of times (see last post). Unfortunately south east London is littered with parlors and not much else (tell me I'm wrong) in terms of options, HE massages, escorts or abundance of WGs on AW. 

Nightkid, it was close but this punt was not the worst I've had and some elements I did enjoy. I did not mind he switch but I did mind the extras, nothing it seems kills the momentum with more thump than, "that's extra." The practice is fair enough for anal and CIM but for the basic vanilla ingredients, no way.
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