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Author Topic: Sex Kitten Jess  (Read 1117 times)

Anyone seen this lady? Profile looks good but no reviews....


Offline NightKid

That's probably cause she registered just over a month ago ... doh!

Too many warning signals though. Texted and arranged a time, then had to text back after no reply. Eventually got reply that she'd run out of credit on phone. Eventually sent address as very dodgy looking estate south of tower bridge. Had a bad feeling about this one and walked away!

Offline NightKid

Hmmm, that's a shame. But I think there are others who won't mind dodgy estates, so hopefully it turns out well for them if they decide to TOFTT.

Anyway, thanks for reporting back with your experiences.

Offline Setodger

I TOFTT with Jess and would recommend for her service, but her place is a shithole (a derelict pub downstairs). If she was in a nicer place I'd probably go back as her owo is very good, but till she moves into a nicer place I'd give her a miss.

Cheers setodger, glad you enjoyed the own more than the venue at least!

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