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Author Topic: Cancelled tonight by my favourite lady  (Read 2370 times)

Walking dead it's not being fluffy I tend to afford everybody respect until they do something to change that & somebody cancelling for a valid reason isn't going to change that regardless of what other people have to say

Maybe you should read some of my posts above.
I sure ain't saying you do anything, or not to do anything.

I am simply saying people on here have been left outside with no text , call or anything.  When it happens to me I don't accept that.

If people choose to accept that, that's their choice. But in my view its fluffy behaviour

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If you read my posts you would see that she cancelled well before the meeting giving me plenty of notice, I wasn't left hanging & I guess that some people have been messed around by other ladies but that wasn't the case here,Honey gave me plenty of notice & i wouldn't hesitate to request another booking in the future nothing fluffy just enjoy spending my money on whoever I choose to spend time with
The thread was started more to see what response I would get about booking Tori which I did including pm's assuring me that I would enjoy it not to start an argument over fluffy comments or reliability of escorts

As Johnny pointed out and my previous post clearly also pointed out, it's the manner of the let down that's important.
As I said earlier in this thread , lily cancelled but it was a few hours so that was fine.

It a girl cancels on me, with notice THAT'S fine.

If she leaves me waiting outside IT'S NOT

Threads evolve, deal with it.

You said "a few people commented on" tori letting people down. You said it doesn't bother you. If you look at the manner of those let downs.

I don't want to repeat anything else I have previously said, but for the second time you can do what you like.

I am done with this pointless discussion
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It looks like your just using the thread to express your point about being cancelled
You should maybe start your own thread entitled moany groany old men haha

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Haha you've got to resort to making childish unjustified comments because somebody doesn't agree with you

Only fluffy cunts would agree with the fact that girls leave you waiting outside, and they would keep booking them.

And that's absolutely fine by me.

Did you enjoy stroking her hair?

Offline Looking4fun

When did I agree it was ok to be left outside then try to rebook her ?

Offline Looking4fun

Only fluffy cunts would agree with the fact that girls leave you waiting outside, and they would keep booking them.

And that's absolutely fine by me.

Did you enjoy stroking her hair?

You have been arguing in with me since  my first post in this thread,  which implied you disagree.  Do you disagree?

Offline Looking4fun

To be honest I don't know why Tori cancelled your meeting or how she did it so I cannot make a comment but the times I've been cancelled have been just reasons with plenty of time so I don't have a problem trying to rebook

So what was the good reason that honey cancelled on you?

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She had a really good reason & I totally understood & wouldn't post it on here, like I said previously it wasn't about her cancelling I was looking for more info on Tori to be honest

Offline Looking4fun

I certainly wouldn't put you off seeing her she's a great girl definitely worth a visit or 3

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I made a booking last Sunday for 2pm today with LaylaJones1991, booked it on AW, confirmed by text earlier in the week that it was on.

This morning/afternoon I've tried calling, texts, AW messages for details of the place to go etc. No response. She's changed her availability today to Fully Booked, and still no response, cancellations, etc. just an hour before the original booking.

Piss poor.

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now that's really bad you need to post that in the review section so everybody knows
 it happened to me a few weeks back with another young lady she emailed the next day to say sorry  i left her a neutral review she said she had problems with her email

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