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Author Topic: One in nine British men have paid for sex, according to a new study.  (Read 1024 times)

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*Men in managerial or professional occupations most likely to pay for sex
*Some 3.6 per cent of 6,000 men surveyed admitted visiting prostitutes
*Men who used prostitutes made up 15.6 per cent of all male STI diagnoses
*They had average of 31.6 sexual partners - more than twice the average

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The poor Daily Mail doesn't know where it wants to go with this story. We all know it's about as accurate as something that's not very accurate at all,from a source attempting to promote sexual health and then finding that promiscuous behaviour OUTSIDE paid for sex is more to blame!


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I'd say 10 out of 10 British men have paid for sex, civvies cost a lot more in the long run too

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1 in 9 eh ? Not by my maths, 3.6% of 6000 is more like 1 in 28, so a Daily Mail bullshit factor of 3.
Typical bollocks, 1 in 28 isn't juicy enough so just make it up.

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I'd say 10 out of 10 British men have paid for sex, civvies cost a lot more in the long run too

How true.  :hi:
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I think the key word here is "admits"

That says it all about British women. It's time British men grew some balls and told the shrieking masses of men-haters we see on TV every day to STFU. In every other country women smile at you, talk to you in lifts, and generally make themselves available for social interaction.

I think the key word here is "admits"

Spot on. I wonder how many out of 9 have paid but won't admit it. Probably more.


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all guys pay for it one way or another, dates, how often do women pay? we also butter our wives up with prezzies.  being married is like owning rather than renting
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being married is like owning rather than renting

Ha ha, yes, and you lose a fortune when you trade in

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I think I've paid enough for two!  :D

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A reverse metric I'd add:
only 2/3rds of tiddly squat of blokes that have had had sex have not paid for it in one way or other.

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I have paid a fortune for one that is broken - if I try and turn it on it just snarls at me.

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I'd say 10 out of 10 British men have paid for sex, civvies cost a lot more in the long run too

I think it's more than one in ten, but not much more.

I think more men should do it though. An easier way to get started would help there.
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Would have thought it was actually far more than 1 in 9 (if people were honest), more like 1 in 3 or at least 1 in 4.
Seems to me that younger people are a bit more open about it these days as it doesn't seem to have quite such a stigma as it used to.

I saw something on TV years ago that suggested 1 in 8 women had offered sex for money at some stage in their life (may have only done it once or for a very short time but that seemed quite high to me).

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I reckon the odds are alot higher than the media says.  A lot of men wont ever admit to anyone that they punt. If it really was 1 in 9, I imagine alot of escorts would be broke.

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