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Author Topic: Probably a Scam but Who Cares?  (Read 764 times)

More than likely a fake profile or bait & switch or private gallery scam. Czechoslovakian, hidden feedback, £90 per hour, probably never available. But I don't care because the girl in the photos has the most spectacular pair of tits I have seen in ages. Check them out yourselves ...

 https://www.adultwork.com/2694753 or https://www.adultwork.com/BOOBY%5FDARA

Wow! Bring your baby oil! Maybe TOFTT and get back to us as I will definitely be watching for a review! She seems quite 'natural' in the photos and the price seems a bit low but if you never try you won't find out.

If not you can walk, which I have done many times, most bait and switchers never seem overly surprised, they must be used to it  :D

Ha ha Johnbean. It is typical of a Sergei profile in Norwich in terms claiming all sorts of magical or sexual powers and the pricing structure is set deliberately low to reel you in. Also, if you look at "her" likes list virtually everything has been ticked. I have emailed the lady - twice over the last couple of days - and not only haven't got a reply but they haven't even been read. Not surprising. But the girl in the photos does have fucking spectacular tits ...

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