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My mind starts drifting and it is not even midday; work is not holding my attention.  I decide to browse.  Question is play safe and visit a regular or check out new talent .  Then Miranda appears and seems to tick all the boxes.  Answer: new talent
https://www.adultwork.com/2669670 or https://www.adultwork.com/%5F%5FMIRANDA%5F%5F

Comms: all prompt and carried out by text.  I immediately recognise the address

Location: Independent Lena's establishment

Appearance: Consistent with profile: size 10, busty, leggy, athletic build. slight tan. Pretty - will not win Miss World but will do well in the bikini round

Meet:  Lena answers  the door and shows me to the room.  I invite her to join the party and she graciously declines as has a booking.  What a shame.  Visited this house several times now but never for Lena. Note to self: need to address this oversight. 

Miranda enters in heels and a very short black halter neck dress.  Dramatic increase in blood flow to the groin!  Does not make eye contact when asking how long I stay.  I confirm 30 mins for £60.  Inauspicious start but, what the hell, I'm liking her body and confident this will be a satisfying half hour. Let's get ready to rumble.

Retire to the bed. Informed no CIM but begin some strong OWO.  Intermittently exchanged some light kisses - probably more on offer if I ventured.
I instruct M to put her heels back on and whilst standing, braced up against the wall, I go at it from behind. - excellent.  Did I detect a groan and smile on M's face?
Return to bed.  With heels still on, we assume mish position with legs upright and held together by me.
Finish with HR on her tits

Yes I was fantastic and the resultant change in M's demure was evidence.  :rolleyes: Now comfortable in each others company we chatted about work, herself and Poland for the remaining minutes prior to my shower. Her English is faltering but conversational.

Would I recommend. Yes but with the caveat no CIM
Will I return. Yes. I enjoyed the punt and M's AW FB all seem favorable.  I reckon there is scope to get more from her. I 'd like an hour,  maybe even invite Lena

FYI. I subsequently had a very productive afternoon in the office. Strange that.
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