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Author Topic: Amy in Killingworth  (Read 3181 times)

2 review(s) for Amy of Newcastle (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]


Second attempt at writing this, first one didn't appear after I posted it for some reason!

Appointment was actually December! Im sure everything still stands though...

10/10 Great! Booked by email then a call the same day, I was 20 minutes early and text to see if I could come in, Amy replied almost immediately and said she was just busy getting ready but she'd text when she was ready. Had a quick coke in the local pub, barely sat down before she text to say it was show time. :)

9/10 As advertised she is a larger lady, but in my opinion she is much smaller than the pictures on AW and her site, very good looking woman! Boobs to die for, definitely more than a handful. Very pretty face, smelled lovely - everything about her was right up my street to be honest!

9/10 Jumped in the shower, clean, tidy & plenty of towels. Went back into the bedroom to be greeted by Amy in a lovely negligee standing in front of the bed. Plenty of kissing & groping, then she was on her knees taking me balls deep in her mouth! Onto the bed, I lay back - more great oral then she put the hood on and got on top. Couldn't resist playing with her massive boobs and pert nipples. She turned around for some reverse cowgirl, nice bum bouncing! Hood off and came in her mouth / on her face. Spent god knows how long talking after that - went way over my 30 minutes! Wish I'd tried other positions though - next time!!

Yes - I'd go back
Yes - She was a great host
Yes - She is sexy as f*ck with those glasses on  :P

2 review(s) found for Amy of Newcastle linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Mackydees

Glad to hear you had fun, I've been extolling  the virtues of Amy for a while now. :thumbsup:
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Offline Gothic D

Thanks for the review.
I have always liked the look of her and been tempted to give her a try.I shall definitely be adding her to my to do list.One of the things I like is the fact she advertises herself as a BBW,no fibbing about her size like a lot of them do.
Did you give her RO and what's it like down there?

Offline Mackydees

I always find her to be responsive and as fresh as a daisy.
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Do you know if she is easy to find by bus?  Car is off the road at the min :/

Offline themademan2

she's massive, not for me
She MASSIVE and seems to contradict herself... She says she about size 18/20, then at FAQ section she says she a genuine 18. What a load of bollocks :dance:

And I think punters should be warned of her disclaimer on site basically saying, 'piss about with me and I will show no discretion and pass your number on to my mates'.  Not very good for someone who supposed to be a professional escort.
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